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Special Delivery, a poem by Lexi Flint

 Please remember these poems are just first drafts in my attempt to re-awaken my muse. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to join me on my year long journey to write a poem a day.


January 10, 2013

The hallway was silent as she entered the school

her designer heels echoed loudly

as she walked deliberately towards the principal’s office

in her hand she held the crumpled letter

that brought her back to these hallowed halls after all these years.

Anger furrowed her perfectly arched brows.

She loathed this school

Sister Sarah had been the bane of her existence twenty years ago

and now she was the principle

inflicting misery , she was sure, to all her entered her domain

The woman’s footsteps slowed as she reached her final destination

she paused tugging at her skirt that hit,

inappropriately per the uniform policy,

an inch too high above the knees

then she came back to her senses


she hadn’t been a student here for years,

decades even

She reached up to knock on the wood and glass door

a strangled gasp escaped her blood red lips

as the door creaked opened

“You’re late.” Sister Sarah said.

her small but imposing figure filling the door frame

“I…” the woman stammered.

“Don’t just stand there girl, come in, sit down!” she commanded.

The glass in the door rattled as the wiry old nun closed the door behind them.

Sister Sarah placed her hand on the woman’s back

Her skeletal fingers felt like ice cold knives on her spine

pushing her forward towards her fate

“Why ?”

“You know why.” Sister Sarah said.


“There are no excuses for this young lady”

The nun rounded her desk and stood in front of the window

dust motes floated though the thick air

enveloping the nuns black and white habit

The glaring sunlight obliterating her small face

all the woman could see were her piercing red eyes

“Why?” The woman managed to say once more

“You can’t take my diploma away, you’ll ruin my career” she said.

“You should have thought of that before…”

the nun slammed the twenty year old test paper on the desk in front of the her

“before you cheated on your algebra test.” Sister Sarah sneered at her, the nuns

teeth morphed into vampire like fangs.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her or

was that blood dripping down from …


The alarm clocks buzzing jolted the woman awake.

She was drenched in a cold sweat.

She sat up and sighed realizing it was only a dream.

“Honey are you okay?” her husband said entering their bedroom.

“I’m fine, it was just a dream.”

“Okay well I’ll see you later.” he said kissing her cheek as he left for work.

“by the way you have a piece of mail on the table, it came special delivery.”

The woman smile, he always did that when he sent her a surprise.

The woman bounded down the stairs toward the smell of fresh brewed coffee

and goodies but she was not greeted with the expected surprise

There were no flowers, no gifts, no surprises excepted for a mug of steaming hot

coffee and a pile mail.

The woman sat  at the kitchen counter sipping the steaming liquid

sorting the pile of mail her husband had left for her.

And there it was…

Special Delivery

She tore open the envelope

and then she let out a blood curding scream

it was a summons

to appear in the principles office

of Most Holy Mary Catholic School

Signed by,

Sister Sarah!!!!!!

When the woman’s husband found her body

she was laying on the kitchen floor clutching

the letter in one hand,

the handle of the shattered coffee mug  in the other

Weeks later the autopsy report

confirmed his wife had died of fright

and he wept because it was only supposed to be a joke.


by Lexi Flint



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Spear of Seth by René Daniel a book review by Lexi Flint


First, let me apologize  to everyone for taking so long to read and review this book. I started reading SPEAR OF SETH at the end of February and it has taken me this long to finish it for two reason. One life stepped in and mangled my reading schedule, two this book was very difficult to get into. I accepted this assignment with high expectation. I adore books that weave history, mythology, and folk lore with a modern age adventure. Unfortunately I was disappointed. The premise of the story was very good. The writing however didn’t flow well and was very distracting. It felt as if English were a second language to the writer or as if the book was not translated well. 

The Spear of Seth mixes fantasy, legend, and adventure in what the author calls Fanlenture. This story does have all of those ingredients but it just didn’t live up to this readers expectations. The story flips flops back and forth between the two main characters announcing who is speak at the start of every chapter which I found very distracting. Had the characters  been more fleshed out their voices would have been more differentiated  and he wouldn’t have needed to announce who was speaking.

Our main characters  are Alex Khyan  a college student at Van Senmut College and Heather Van Senmut privileged daughter of the head of the college.  When Heather’s father is poisoned, she and Alex take off for Egypt in search of a cure in the Egyptian underworld. When the two characters are separated due to the machinations of Jonathan Stern, another student and archeologist from the college, it seems as if you are reading two different stories, two different adventures. Each of the main characters stories are interesting separately but would have been better had they been more interweaving of the story lines as both characters were working towards a common goal.  I found myself more interested in some of the secondary characters such as Miriam and Dr. Lermontoff who seemed more three dimensional that the main characters.

This book and writer do have great potential as he did pay great attention to detailing the various setting through which his character traveled.  I would be interested in reading the next book in the series. I get the feeling that the world has some serious trouble coming its way from Apep, the evil snake god of the underworld inadvertently released from his prison during Alex and Heather’s quest which could make for a very interesting story.

The author’s writing improved greatly as the story progressed.

I give this story a 2.5/5 on the Book Babe rating scale.


Spear of Seth


Book Blurb: “What will Alex Khyan do when he faces a world he thought existed only in dreams of an ancient civilization? Alex needs a summer job, and gets one. It is not what he is used to, since he will work as a translator at an archeological dig at the island of Elephantine in the Upper Egypt.  Little does he know what he is getting himself into. Enter Heather and her father, John Van Senmut, the archeologist in charge of the excavations. The dig is not just some dig; it is the ruins of the Temple of Osiris, which stands at the mythical place where Nile emerges from the Egyptian Underworld. When John Van Senmut, falls ill and physicians give up on him, his daughter decides to search the Temple for the cause of the disease and possibly a cure. Her quest leads her, and her unwilling helper Alex, into the Netherworld, which survived the Egyptian civilization by two thousand years. They negotiate its dangers, as well as dangers which come from their contemporaries. They have only one guide – the Book of Gates

Author René Daniel was born in the Czechoslovakia. He is 44 years old and he and his family currently live in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. He enjoys history, ancient civilizations and mysteries and can be contacted at http://www.thothfantasyquests.com.”

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Great News for the March Writing Madness 30K Challenge! #March30K

For all those who sign up to participate in this writing challenge Wild Orchid Press  has offered a free book cover design for one lucky writer to be drawn from the pool of participants. So sign up today for a fun month of writing.

It is easy to sign up. Just comment letting us know what your writing goal for the month is and post your totals by March 31st to be entered in the drawing.

Have a good day,


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Guest Blog: Breaking All The Rules by Author Sherry D.Ficklin and Born of Blood book review by Lexi Flint #bookreview

Breaking all the rules

If there is one hard and fast rule in publishing it’s don’t abandon your genre. There are a handful of super amazing authors who can get away with it, but for the most part, if you’ve made a successful career of writing children’s books you don’t jump ship and start writing racy romance novels. At least not under your real name.

I recently spoke to a successful YA author who has a dozen books under her belt. She just wrote her first YA sci-fi novel and decided to use a pen name to appeal to a more diverse audience. (The thinking is that boys won’t read books written by women. So even though she’s still in YA, she had to use a new name to try to draw in the boys) Her worry was that she wouldn’t be able to bring her teen girl fans over so she’s done a lot of promotion to let her fans know that this book, while under a pen name to draw unfamiliar male readers, is still hers. And it’s very lucky for her that she can do that.

I understand this rule, I really do. As a writer whose first love and success spawned from YA novels, what was I thinking writing Born of Blood under my real name and what are the potential pitfalls? Well, let me explain.

Firstly, when some wonderful teen fan Google’s me or does an Amazon search they will find my YA books and Born of Blood on the same page. While I cringe at the potential of an unknowing 13 year old girl picking up a copy of Born of Blood, it is a possibility. My publisher and I worked very hard to design a cover that would clearly convey that this is an adult novel. And as for the book itself, I worked very hard to keep the content mostly PG13 rated, just in case. So while there are no racy sex scenes or anything, it is a mature book for older readers. Even so, I have had reviewers accidentally list it as YA just because they know my other books so well. So just to set the record straight, this is a book for adults. Not the kind you have to buy behind a beaded curtain or anything, but something not fit for the kiddies to be sure.

Secondly, I now have to find and impress a whole new audience. When you write in a specific genre people come to associate you with it. For example I was a huge fan of Anne Rice’s vampire novels. One day I saw a new book with her name on it in the store. I already knew I loved her books so without a second glance I picked it up and took it home. Three pages in I realized it was historical fiction. Not something I expected and not a genre I enjoyed. I never did read that book, and I was disappointed that she’d tricked me like that. Now here I am, doing the same sort of thing to you guys.


It’s never easy to launch a book, but it gets better as your name and books become better known. But the same thing that makes that part easier, makes doing this harder. It’s like launching my first book all over again, only with more expectations and preconceived notions to overcome.

But I wrote this book because I had to. From the day Sophie started talking in my head, I was in love with her, the story, and as I wrote more and more, with the world she lived in and the people around her. As any writer will tell you, when you feel that way about a story, it’s your job to tell it, no matter what.

So why didn’t I just create a pen name? A whole new writing persona whose brand I could build and market? I considered it. A lot. I even came up with a few great urban fantasy writer names like Constance St. Claire and Lydia Glass. But at the end of the day, I LOVE this book. I want to write a hundred Palmetto Moon books. And it would kill me not to have my name on them. So I made a difficult decision.

For the privilege of having my name on this book, I will do it the hard way. I will break all the rules and bulldoze any obstacle that gets in my way. As with everything else in my life, I will earn it with blood, sweat, and tears if I have to.

And for those of you who are old fans willing to take a chance on something new or new friends looking for a really excellent read, thank you from the bottom of my heart and happy reading!

Sherry D. Ficklin, Author





Book Review by Lexi Flint

Born of Blood is the first book in Sherry Ficklin’s Palmetto Moon Paranormal Fantasy Series. Mrs. Ficklin is a prolific writer whose writing career began, as noted above in YA Genre. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two books in the God’s of Fate Trilogy. The fluidity of the writing showed the painstaking research into Greek mythology the writer had to do. She seamlessly wove the present day with the Greek gods of the past. However, the  Palmetto Moon Series is getting off to a rough start.

The Characters : Each of the main characters in Born of Blood were well drawn and thought out. It was easy to picture them in my minds eye as I read. I could  imaging them as characters on a weekly television series. They all had a purpose and helped drive the plot forward.

The Premise:  What do you get when you put a private detective, her vampire ex-fiancée, and his new vamp girlfriend in a house together? Jealousy, hilarity and danger. Will Sophie and Caleb be able to resolve the issues of their prior relationship and solve the case without one of them dying in the process.

The story starts with a bang, there is no slow build up or unnecessary backstory. Ficklin puts her main characters and the readers in peril right from the start. This is a fast paced novel that you won’t want to put down until the very end.  Ficklin has created a “realistic” world in which vampires have come out of the closet and are demanding their undead rights.

The vampires are lead by Rayne Blackwood a sexy, powerful and complicated vamp who has his eyes on our main character Sophie. But could the pretty detective fall for Rayne when she wouldn’t give Caleb a second chance after he had been turned on their wedding day?  And is Rayne trying to win her over by  placing gift wrapped bloodless bodies on Sophie’s doorstep or is someone else trying to scare her off the case?

While some parts of the story seemed rushed, the author put enough thought into the various plot lines, characters  and setting to keep me interested in the story. I am looking forward to the second installment of the Palmetto Moon Series.  Born of Blood is definitely not another sparkly vampire story, it’s  a story you can really sink your teeth into. Lol





Palmetto Moon, Book 1, Born of Blood is due for release on October 9th 2011 from Tell-Tale Publishing

Book Blurb : “A young mother has vanished without a trace and Sophie D’Angelo has been hired to solve the cold case that left police stumped. Tensions are high between the local cops and the newly ‘out of the coffin’ vampire community, landing Sophie smack in the middle of the toughest mystery she’s ever faced and in the middle of a possible civil war. Her only allies are her loud, overbearing Italian family and her ex-fiancée turned-vampire, Caleb, who shares her house, her business, and generally gets on her nerves. If he wasn’t already dead, she’d probably kill him.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sophie has become the fixation of a twisted killer who is leaving a trail of bodies straight to her door. Can Sophie uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance and unmask her stalker before she, or someone she loves, becomes his next victim?”

Born of Blood by Sherry D. Ficklin


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Author Alyssa Fox will leave you breathless with her debut novel Road to Recovery. #Romance #interview, #PinkPetalBooks @AlyssaFox99




Author Alyssa Fox  juggles being a full time wife and mother of four with being a full time author. She creates tantalizing romances from her home in the mountains of West Virginia. Her debut novel ROAD TO RECOVERY was published  May  5, 2011 and is available in e-book format from Pink Petal Books. Ms. Fox  has also recently sold her second book Bound to Protect to her publisher.  This is an exciting time for Ms. Fox and I am pleased to introduce you to this inspiring new author who promises "sizzling romance to leave you breathless."

1.First I would like to congratulate you on the publication of your first book Road to Recovery.  How has your life changed since becoming a published author?

It really hasn’t changed too much. Unless you count that it’s gotten busier with deadlines in between taking care of the family and writing.

2.You describe your writing as “sizzling romance that leaves you breathless” and “on the edge of erotic.” What is the difference between traditional romance novels and erotica?  Where do your novels fit between the two?

The biggest difference between what I’d call regular romance and erotic is there’s more sex in erotic novels. There is no such thing as a closed door when it comes to sex and explicit love scenes with graphic or strong language. It’s not just writing sex into the book that makes it erotic, as there is still a hero and heroine developing a relationship, but, the sex is part of the plot. You could remove the sex, and the story could still stand on its own.  I never thought I’d be writing erotic, but it just flows as I write. I’ve tried to tame down my love scenes, but it just doesn’t happen.

3.In the past romance novel seemed to follow a simple formula, boy meets girl, they fall in love have a disagreement, make up and live happily ever after. They were feel good books. Now the stories are a little more complicated containing more mystery, murder, fantasy ect… Have our taste changed as readers or is it a reflection of the world around us?

I think it’s a little bit of both; of course things happening in the world change us. I know for me even my taste in books has changed over the years.

4.Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?

My favorite authors right now would be Shayla Black, Maya Banks, Leah Braemel, Chloe Cole, Delaney Diamond, just to name a few. I have tons; my Kindle is loaded with books from authors I love. What I’m reading now is Leah Braemel’s book Deliberate Deceptions.

5.What are your goals as a writer?

To write stories that my readers will love as much I did writing them.

6.What was the best writing or publishing advice you have received?

The best I got was never give up because once you do then you’ll never find a home for your book. I’ve not received any bad advice yet.

7.You didn’t initially plan on having a writing career. How did you become a romance writer? 

That’s right; it wasn’t even something I thought of. It happened a year and half ago when I was stuck home with all four kids during a snow storm. They were driving me nuts as we were snowed in. I also was home schooling them at the time, so I needed an outlet before I went crazy. I tried my hand at a YA book first, but that took a bad turn, so I started writing a romance novel next. I always had stories running through my head, but never thought to write them down. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

8.How did you feel when your novel Road to Recovery was picked up by Pink Petal Press?

Totally freaking excited, and wasn’t sure I had read the email correctly or not. It was after midnight when I checked my mail once more, and there it sat. I screamed, and nearly scared the crap out of my husband. I asked him if it said what I thought it said and I was shaking so freaking bad. It’s safe to say I didn’t sleep at all that night.

9.Please tell us about your book Road To Recovery.

Dr. Erin Miller and Dr. Kyle Reynolds are competing for a coveted mentoring position at Maple Forge Memorial Hospital. They plan on pulling out all the stops. But their careers and their desires collide, tangling their past with their future and giving them a chance for love.

10.What are you working on now?

Well, I just turned in another book to my editor with characters from Road to Recovery. Now I’m working on a single title erotic suspense.

11.  Will your book be available in paperback in the future? Yes.

12.   Do you plot or pants?

I plot out everything before writing. Now sometimes my first chapter isn’t plotted because the characters are being a pain, but everything else after that is. I used to go by the seat of my pants, and would get stuck a lot and plotting has helped that.

13.    How long does it take you to write and edit your books?

 It depends on the book how long it takes me. I can get a first draft done in 6 weeks, then I take sometimes a month to do my editing. So from the start to finish 2-3 months before a book is finished and polished.

Lexi’s note : You need to teach me how to do that. It takes me forever to write my first draft. I’m easily distracted by shiny things like the internet. lol

14.    Do you write to a specific word count or write until the story is complete?

I write to a specific word count that I want for that book. I even have a certain word count I want per chapter depending on what my total word count needs to be.

Alyssa can be found around the web at. www.alyssa-fox.com. She can also be found at her blog http://alyssafoxauthor.blogspot.com/, Facebook   and Twitter.

Thank you Alyssa for being my guest today. I wish you much success  in your writing career and cannot wait to read ROAD TO RECOVERY available now from Pink Petal Books .


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April Poem a day challenge days 22-25 Enjoy! #poetry, #writing, #aprpad

Spring tree

Image by macieklew via Flickr


As the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides draws to a close I am trying to play catch up. One wouldn’t think that writing one poem a day would be hard, but with all the responsibility of life it sometimes seems impossible to get the “me” time necessary to do the writing I so enjoy.  I am going to try and do better. I hope you enjoy my first efforts.

Have a great day,


Day 25 Falling

We always curse the rainy days

wanting instead to go out and play

Rarely do we thank the rain

for falling, washing the dust away

and making all things bright and new.

Day 24 Prayer poem

Each day I see people become more and more disconnected from one another,

plugged into technology but not each other

more in touch with the internet

than the family you claim to adore

My brief prayer oh Jah  is that we learn to love more freely.

A smile, a touch, a warm embrace can change the course of someone’s day.

Day 23  a quit doing what you are doing poem

Smoking cigarettes made us cool, we thought

Most of the kids at school had tried it and could even blow smoke rings

Outside of the party, music thumping

Kidding ourselves that we looked glamorous, like the movie stars of old

Inhaling cancer willingly into our immature lungs

Not realizing the lasting effects- cancer, hypertension, emphysema, DEATH

Good thing  I liked to dance, quitting before it became an expensive habit

        Maybe you should consider quitting the cancer sticks too.

Day 22

As the sun sets below the horizon,

it changes the sky

into a shimmering array of colors

Pink, peach and purple

the colors of passion

the same hue as my  mango daiquiri

Savoring the cold drink, the Florida heat.

Sitting on the balcony next my love

We gaze into the sky

morning glory fading into a star filled night

cloudless and the moon rising high

I sigh with pleasure as a warm breeze caresses my cheek

I sigh in distress as if this were the only night

for it is our last night we will share in paradise

Our stolen moments are too far apart

and I dream of the too distant nights

when we shall share sunsets inspired kisses once more.

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What if? A poem by Lexi Flint Day 7 of the poem-a-day challenge #poetry, #writing #aprpad

LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!

What if we had never met

if we had went our separate ways

not considering for a minute

that it was each other’s lives we would save.

We could have just stayed friends

or ships passing in the night

instead of living this life’s journey together

and holding hands throughout the stormy night

What if I had said no

or you were too busy for my call

we would have continued

being strangers

two lost souls to love.


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