The Dare by Lexi Flint

The Dare by Lexi Flint

(Inspiration Photograph)

                “How many times have I told you not to put those things in your mouth?” Dr. Syzmanski scolded me once again.

     I gurgled, “It was a dare,” quite unintelligibly, I’m sure.

Dr. Syzmanski turned on the X-ray light box behind her desk. The screen illuminated a black and white image of my insides with two long metal objects inserted in my digestive track.  Dr. Syzmanski turned towards me. Her eyes mere slits. I could feel another lecture coming on.

                “And if I dared you to jump off the Empire States building…?” she began looking at me sternly.

I shrugged sheepishly. Then shook my head vigorously in the negative. The swords rattled and I could feel them inching their way further down my esophagus. I grasped the golden handled swords with both hands.  A mixture of nervousness and the foreign, metallic taste in my mouth increased my saliva production.  I wanted to spit or swallow and had no means of doing either.

                “Hold still!” the doctor commanded.

I obeyed and sat obediently as still as I possibly could on the cold grey table. The white paper liner crackled beneath my buttock as I sat, breaking the silence.  The petite doctor placed a step stool at the foot of the bed, her white lab coat drowning her small frame. Stepping up on the stool she grasped the handles of both swords in her small hands and pulled.

I fell forward onto the floor, one outstretched hand to break my fall. The other clutched my throat as I tried not to puke all over the cracked linoleum of the doctor’s office.

                “Mr. Amazing are you alright?” she asked

I sat on all fours for several moments regaining the use of my swallowing muscles, trying not to drown on my own saliva, only after taking several deep breathes could I respond.

                “Thanks mom” I said. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.

The doctor waggled her index finger at me. “Tell that little David Copperfield to stop picking on you!” she yelled.

                “But mom,” I whined . “It was just a dare.”


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