Thinking of you

There was an instant attraction

But I doubt that it will last,

this whirlwind love affair.

Men come into your life

in an instant,

like coffee

Just add water and stir.

They stay a while

long enough to blow your mind

then leave in the blink of an eye.

Forever on your mind

Forever in your heart

the memories they sometimes hurt

and I thought I was smart.


Every now and again

a phantom smile will cross my face

out of nowhere I will sigh

grieving  blossoms never bloomed

and wines never tasted.

Yes, I doubt it will be lasting

this whirlwind love affair

but on some cool auutum day

while drinking

hot honey and lemon tea

I will watch the glistening golden leaves

flowing gently in the breeze

to points unknown

and I’ll smile as I think of you.

2/15/1997 Lexi Flint


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