In your face by Lexi Flint

Excuse me, am I in your face?

with eyes of melted caramels

skin of sweet brown sugar

my lips full of promise

with a little sexy pout?


Do I frighten you

with the curve of my hips

the turn of my lips

or the shiny black length of my braids?


Do the hills and valleys

of my body

turn you on

or turn you out?


Yes, I’m in your face

one hundred percent

beautiful black woman

descendant of the regal kings and queens

of mother Afrika.


In your face

I’m strong, proud

and sexy.

An intelligent black woman of the world

In your face

proud and strong.


You can’t deny me

Claim you can’t see me

When I’m in your face.


I’m Proud and Strong

a force to be reckoned with.

One hundred percent




In your face.


7/17/1996 Lexi Flint


I wrote this poem one day after driving home on the freeway a man kept staring at me. He head was turned so far to the side, I thought he was going to crash his car.


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