Good Eatin’

My mouth waters for your sweet kiss

Taste of honey and chocolate and grandma’s pancakes.

Your eyes are deep as the ocean

Mine like black eye peas and cornbread

some good eatin’

but not all the time

Gives some people gas

Not me,

I could eat you everyday.

Sometimes salty,

other sweet

when you look at me like that

I get nervous, numb and weak.

So what did you say you wanted to eat?

Ham hocks and collard greens?

or lobster with drawn buter?

Mmmm, yes lots of hot melted butter.

Shall I pour,

my love

unto you?

Now or later

Hmm, you taste so good

yes another kiss like that and you’re gonna be in trouble.

Lips like honey

Temptation to strong to ignore

An hour later, she says “Darn dinner’s burnt.”

“Honey do you want some more?”



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