Week 3 PAD November 2009

Day 15

If I look hard enough

I just may locate the place where

I put it so long ago so I wouldn’t lose it

I stood on the ladder between

The bay windows

and I looked out at the field between the trees

I watched you run around with the kids

playing football or tag or some other summer games

I unscrewed the hanger from the ceiling

surprised to find a large hole and a screw.

I had the perfect plant ready to hand in the window

Facing west where the afternoon sunlight would allow it to thrive

However I lost the hanging part that fit on the screw

And covered the hole in the ceiling

The afternoon sun still shines

the bare screw continues to hangs

from the ceiling waiting for the piece

I placed somewhere it would not get lost.

Day 16 Clouds float over me

I wish someone had told me

how fast life passes by

I would have enjoyed the lazy summers of youth

That much more.

I would have walked along the shore bare foot

From morning till night

I would have collected more sea shells

Or sat on the dock feet splashing in the water

Fishing pole in hand and talked to my brother

Just a little bit longer.

Maybe it would have saved his life

If I had sat with him made our bond stronger,

watching the clouds roll by.

I would have lain in the hammock

And watch the clouds float over me

I would have named each one

Discovering what shape it could it be.

I wish someone had taught me

how to relax and shoot the breeze

how to stop time by

watching the clouds float past the trees

Instead I’ve rushed through life

Running to and fro

Now I want to wander the earth to see

And see just where the cloud go.

Day 17   Implosion

It happened so suddenly

I didn’t have time to react

My heart shriveled up and died

It curled in upon itself

Creating a black hole

Of misery where your love

Once resided

The searing white hot pain

Radiated through every inch of my being

Till it felt like it to would

Curl in upon its self

Sucked into the black hole

And I ceased to exist.

Day 18

If I could slow down time

And savor every good moment

I would slow down the time

We spend alone together

I would take the time

to learn every aspect of your

Body, and your mind

If I could slow down time

I would ask you about your dreams

I would write down every detail

And help you make them come true.

I would love you completely

From your head to your crusty toes

I would bathe you

And give you sweet wine

I would kiss you softly

With passion you never knew

If I could slow down time.

And spend every moment with you.

Day 19

The doctor cut the cord

The day you were born

That held you and me together

They allowed you to be nourished

From every cell and vital organ,

in my distended and bloated body.

Yet you remain permanently

attached to my heart

Day 20

Why we chose to vacation in Florida

During the hottest month of the year

We will probably never know

We learned a lesson

The children complained it was

“It’s too hot to wait in line” they said in unison

And it rained everyday

We went to a fake beach

and made sand castles

while the clouds floated by

the children splashed in the waves

the water was icy cold

to feel like a kid again

going down the water slide


I hate being splashed

It was soooo hot

I didn’t complain.

We closed down the man made beach

Once more and then we had ice cream

On the long ride on home

It was the best ice cream

On the best day ever.

Day 21 (dedicated to my husband)

The memory machine

Never worry about being forgetful again

With the new memory machine!

This little device is implanted in your brain at birth

It can record and recall every experience you’ve ever had

All your happiest memories could be experienced over and over again

Do you have some painful memories you’d like to forget

The memory machine has a convenient delete feature

Just be carful of the experiences you chose to forget

Can’t decide?

Just download the bad memories to our sever for easy retrieval

Do you need to remember the exact details of an event for court or while writing your memoirs?

Well now you can.

You can have the memory machine

For the low, low price of $19.95

Per month,

For life.

After its instillation you can delete the memory of why you are paying us

this outrageous amount of money

This is a gift that keeps on giving (to us)

Your children and grandchildren are sure to enjoy it

Again, and again, and again, and again, and again


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