Up and coming young authors Jalisa Flint

1. When did you first begin writing?

I first began writing when I was 7 years old. I wrote stories about my life and when I turned 12 I began writing poetry!

2. Who are you inspirations?

My inspirations are first I would like to say God,because he Blessed me with this talent and poet wise I would have to say Langston Hughes I love his work!

3. What are your writing habits? Do you write a certain amount of pages per day? Do you write at a certain time of day?

I’m write everyday especially when I am stressed.  That’s when the writing begin to be deep, where people can really feel it. Each day I might write enough to fill half of note book!

4. Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?
My favorite Authors are Langston Hughes and Maya Angelo. I am currently reading my own work in an effort to improve my writing. I want to make sure my writing is good.

5. What are your goals as a writer?
My goal is to have a book of my own published one day. I would love to accomplish that and I want to be able to teach through my writings.  I would love to achieve that one day!

6. If you had one wish for your writing career what would it be?
If I had one wish for my writing career it is to share my writing with the world.  I want others to read my work as a way of helping them through something they’re going through in life!

7. What advice would you give other aspiring writers?
My advice to other aspiring writers is keep writing and strive for the best. Never let people tell you what you can’t do in life!

8. Please tell our readers who Jalisa Flint the author is? Is there anything that you would like people to know about you?
I am striving to be something in life, something good while trying to reach the level of happiness.  I am a very strong minded person with a whole lot of passion for writing. Besides writing I will be going to school to study business. One day I would love to have my own hair shop as well!

9. Besides writing do you have any hobbies?
Besides writing my other hobbies are doing hair I have a passion for doing hair like my passion for poetry and one hopefully I can have my own hair salon!

10. Have you ever won any awards for your writing? If so please elaborate?
No I never won any awards for my writings I never really shared my writings with many people,but some day I would love to

11. Do you plan to pursue a career in writing?
Yes I plan to pursue a career in writing!

12. Do you have a website where someone could read your poetry?
No,but hopefully soon I will. Currently people can read my poetry on Facebook!

13. What themes do you find running through your writing?
My writing expresses my many emotions!

14. I noticed that your poetry is very emotional, speaking of love , hurt, betrayal. Are you writing from personal experiences? I find writing therapeutic, meaning it can help me understand my life experiences. Is writing cathartic for you as well?

Yes writing is cathartic for me and I write what’s in my heart so that when the readers are reading my poetry they can feel what I am speaking  about. Much of my writing is from personal experiences, what I feel inside I express it through poetry, because I just don’t know how to express it out loud.

One day I would love to write of happiness and joy, but right now it seems all I can write of is hurt, love and many life experiences. A few times I have hypothetically written about happiness of life!

Poetry by Jalisa Flint


2 responses to “Up and coming young authors Jalisa Flint

  1. Great interview. I love Gee’s poetry and am sure one day she will be published! And it’s great that she recognizes you have to have a “backup plan” and a “backup plan for the backup plan”! So she is definitely destined for something GREAT in life!

  2. Thank you again for the interveiw I really loved it and appreciate it!!!

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