"Seven, God’s Number for Perfection" by The Storyteller Ron Spears

The number seven is a powerful carrier of Divine energy

God created the human body with absolute and perfect synergy

Seven spiritual chakras contained within seven layers of skin

Seven portals in our bodies to enable His purpose to begin

Two ears for listening to knowledge that can transform your soul

Noise pollution and false information will cause you to loose control

Two nostrils for oxygen to enter the body for life to sustain

Activate your energy with Aromatherapy or to alleviate any pain

One mouth to communicate your every thought and revelation

The power of the spoken word was used to achieve God’s creation

Use words carefully to transform lives seeking comfort and ease

Eat foods that strengthen your immune system to avoid disease

The last two serve the purpose of life creation and/or waste elimination

Protect God’s gateway for life and regulate unworthy penetration

Seven portals in our bodies to regulate the Divine energy we all seek

Transform your life to achieve God’s purpose seven days a week


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