Poetry by Jalisa Flint

Finally she believes in crying, by Jalisa Flint

For so many years she was a person that never really cried,

they use to say to her “u are SELFISH!”

all because she chose to hold her feelings in

instead of crying

she thought to herself maybe that’s true

so one day she was just sitting there

she starts to smile

then all of a sudden her smile turns into a frown

and that frown turns into tears…

people around her were SURPRISED to see her cry

it was a SHOCKING moment to them they were like “what’s wrong???”

all she could say is she came to a point in life

where she could no longer hold on to EVERYTHING,

that’s been bottled in for a long time

so there’s nothing but tears falling from her eyes

she broke down to the floor and begin to cry even more

every lil thing that she hold inside

and every BURDEN she holds

she’s letting it all out with so many tears

through her tears people came to see that she really truly does feel pain,

a lot of PAIN and now they know what all she been through isn’t a joke..

all they could do was stand there puzzled with NUTHIN to say..

she said, “could you see ME, cause this is really me”

is what she said, at night she holds her pillow tightly

and cry so many painful tears

she feels broken

can’t go to sleep with all that’s on her mind

she just sits there

and thinks, thinks and thinks

she confides into the one that’s laying next to her,

he holds her close and says EVERYTHINGS okay…

for many years she never cried

now it’s bout that time that she lets it all out on the table..

she knows the pain of loneliness being away from family as a child..

she knows the hurt of being in FOSTER HOMES thinking nobody cares for her

and she knows the pain of being ABUSED by someone…

as a child going from MOTEL to MOTEL not enough money for a house

living in a van for days

when she thinks of those times in the past it makes her hurt

even worse and that’s not the half of it…

they just don’t know..she always consoled in GOD,

she says he kept her safe

though she went through so much in life

she still feels GOD is by her side

she says if he wasn’t that she would’ve been dead by now

so she know that GOD is with her

and now she knows that she could confide and console in others

she use to be in situations where she believed

that if she cried that it would only make things worse in life,

but now she knows that’s impossible

cause it’s possible for things to get better and be right,

never really knew what tears felt like,


  Gee TooMuchtolivefor Flint


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