“Midnight” by Crista Jensen

my midnight is a quiet place
a place to demystify time and space
a spot where I can reminisce
or contemplate or chill like this
waiting for my midnight man
to find himself a part of my plans
my midnight is not a dull black finish
he has a glossy shine and stands out with premise
smooth and seamless just like velvet
strong and powerful..fine that’s felt with…wonder
are those stars I see?
or just your eyes looking back at me
you see my midnight is not the absence of light
he’s the combination of all…color that is
an intense place of mystery
sometimes misunderstood to all who would…misjudge him
my midnight
is a statuesque
no mess will have him down, mind blowing
talking loud, crowd pleasing, woman teasing
sweet bowl of sugar that I’m needin
love machine…
flip his switch
I’m turnin him on..but
you cant have my mystery
my black, my bold, my bald
my sexy, my tall
my man

You can read more of Crista’s poetry at www.poetrydivaonline.net.


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