Love Tree by Richard Jensen Jr.

love tree

like a tree in the midst
of a sugar cane plantation
providing that very comfort

to sore backs
sweat beaten brows
limbs swollen
from forced efforts

bending with every storm
that comes her way
yet standing firm and strong

rendering shelter and shade
to those who struggled
to sing their song

nourishing mind body and soul
with character and fruits
of her seasons labor

his story can be found
carved in her bark
as they mingle their lives
in great favor

as the gentle breeze
comes rushing by
to sooth the very core

the sun penetrates
her cuddly arms
that eases pains of eyesore

rain drops roll down
as though they were tears
salted to purify blemishes

created by scars
engraved in his skin
from beatings of broken promises

but her roots were strong
so deeply entrenched
as not to ever be shaken

for she surely knows
that this too shall pass
when her fallen seeds awaken


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