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Somewhere In My Mind, a poem by Lexi Flint


There is a seaside village

I can visit in my mind

anytime I need a break

from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

On the shore I hear seagulls

I feel the warm salty breeze

against my cheek.


the cool water splashing my ankles

the soft wet grainy sand

squishing between my toes

Sitting along the edge of the ocean

watching the sun rise over the crashing waves

the tide rolling out to lands unknown

carrying all my anxieties away

This is the place

where I can just be me

not a mom

not a wife

not an employee

Just me,

sitting in the sand

my breathing in rhythm with the ocean waves

I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving

into the wind,

sailing on the wings of the gulls

out to sea

following the horizon

ascending to heaven.

and God’s waiting ears.


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Road Blocks, a poem by Lexi Flint

Road blocks, a poem by Lexi Flint

Trying to move forward

holding on to the past




yet unfulfilled.

Road blocks

in my mind

in the form of







stop the flow of creativity

from my brain

to my fingertips

from my keyboard

into your soul.

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Before my first up of coffee, a poem by Lexi Flint

February 5th 2014

Before my first cup of coffee,

the call light is ringing.

I am not ready.

It is too early to think.

My brain is still foggy from lack of sleep.

Yet on squeaky rubber soles

I gently enter your room

to fluff your pillow,

silence you alarm,

ease your pain,

or hold your hand

Whatever you need

to calm your fears

I am there.

I am a nurse.


Before my second cup of coffee

I am pressing on your chest

pounding to the rhythm in my head

“Ah ,Ah, Ah, Ah ,Staying Alive, Staying Alive”

100 compressions a minute

Sweat dripping down my face

in a race to save your life

two minutes to check and see

if my rhythm

has restored your rhythm.


By the third cup of coffee

my adrenaline is pumping

I am ready to start my day

Four hours into a twelve hour shift

I still have charting left undone

but there are call lights to answers,

meds to give,

bedpans to empty,

hands to hold

and lives to save.

I enter the next room on my list.

“Hi my name is Lexi,

I will be your nurse today.

How can I help you?”


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Sometimes It Falls, a poem by Lexi Flint

Generational sin,

intentionally hide

in a closet full of skeletons.

They say, " Don’t talk about what happens in this house!"

You learn the rules at a very young ages.

Is it fear?




Secrets of the past

destined to be repeated,

if not treated,


destroyed with words of acceptance and love.

Behaviors passed down,

right or wrong?

It has been so long.

The world destroys our men,

Our men devalue our women,

Our women ignore the children

who should be seen and not heard

at times,


The Bible says there is a time for everything.

to sow and to reap,  to weep and to laugh.

Now is the time to rebuild our families,

restore our communities

mend our broken homes, hearts

It has been said that,

"a cloud of sin hangs over all of us

and sometimes it falls. "

I choose to carry an umbrella.


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Sound Waves, a poem by Lexi Flint


A hot cup of coffee, black.

Smooth jazz flowing through my radio speakers

on a sunny Friday morn

makes the longing I feel inside

just a little easier to bear.


I take one more drag off my singular cigarette of the day

smoke rings encircle my dreadlocked head

clouding my mind,

shifting images of you

less clear with each passing day.

You become better.

Less of what you are,

more of what I envision you to have been.

The you I dream of.

Personal deception of an aging mind

I guess.

Makes me long for what we had.

the images of the perfection we once weren’t

Ha Ha

waxing poetic over a hot cup of coffee

smooth jazz flowing on the sound waves

crashing into the foggy memories in my mind.


Lexi Flint

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An Unfinished Story, a poem by Lexi Flint

Today is the last day of the April Poem a Day  challenge. I still have a ton of poems to write to catch up . Here’s my effort for day #30 


thirty pages to go

thirty pages until the writer

completes their story

yet the file

sits open on her laptop




go by without her typing a single word.

maybe fear keeps her from completing it

fear of success,

fear of failure,

fear that her readers will see

what she is hiding deep inside

she has a multitude of


that keep her characters

in laptop limbo

one explosion,

one last kiss

away from


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The Quest, a poem by Lexi Flint

Day 28  of the Poetic Asides 2013 poem a day challenge

Write a Shadroma, a six line poem with a syllable count of 3/5/3/3/7/5

here is my attempt.



Part I

He asks what

he doesn’t really

want to know

the answers

to, but curiosity

gets the best of him.

Part II

She answers,

a small lie, smiling

hiding the

truth within

her heart for fear that he

might break it again.

Part III

He grasps her

fragile heart within

his work worn

hands knowing

this may be his last chance to

right the wrongs he made.


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