Things are looking up


I spoke to my dad today. He is still recovering from the surgery. Its weird talking about these thing with him but I did ask about his bowel movements and passing gas. He jumped over those two hurdles yesterday, and has been started on a clear liquid diet. He says he can only tolerate cold foods right now, everything else makes him sick. Unfortunately his hiccups have returned with a vengeance. I had hoped after removing the bulk of the tumor he would be relieved of that one symptom. It makes me think that the cancer may have spread to the nerves controlling his diaphragm.  He said today, "I’ve really gotten my self into a pickle now." He wasn’t joking. He didn’t sound as cheerful as he usually does, I pray he hasn’t gotten  any bad news that he hasn’t shared with me yet. Not that I want to hear anymore bad news.

I wish it would stop raining. The rain make me feel hopeless. I have hope, because I have so many people praying for Poppa right now. Things are bound to start looking up soon.



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