Out of the Blue


My dad has been doing pretty well with the chemotherapy. He had started eating better and actually driving again. Then Wham! he gets into a car accident and totals his car. Now we are back to square one with him sleeping and sitting on the couch all day.

Friday we are scheduled to go on Virginia for a much needed family vacation, however when I arrived home from work last night my dad could hardly speak he was so short of breath. He asked me to sit down so he could discuss my sons FACEBOOK usage, and suggested he read a book instead of having his head stuck in the computer. I nodded my head in agreement, yet I noticed not so much what he said but how he said it.

     "William is " (breathe) " got to be" (breathe) "more responsible" (breathe breathe breathe) " …" the conversation went.

As a nurse and former respiratory theapist I immediately reconized he had 2-3 word dyspnea and my inner sensors went off again. Something was wrong.

     "You look short of breath dad, do you need to go to the hospital?"

     "If you wish." he said almost panting.

That’s how I knew he really didn’t feel good. He usually protest that he would be fine if he could get some sleep. Well we get to the ER and it is packed. But since I work there one of my favorite doctors took care of him. At first I thought they would just treat the symptoms, his hiccough, which he say cause him to be unable to sleep and breathe, to let him tell it. But Dr. April Hodnicak dug a little deeper and ran some blood work. Turns out his blood sugar was 651. Normal blood sugars range from 70-110.

My mind began to spin. What if we were out on the highway and he went into a diabetic coma. Jehovah God works in mysterious ways. I got off from work early yesterday. Most days I get home around midnight and my dad is still asleep. Had I not gotten off early we may have never know, he could have died once again. I thank God that the latter did not happen.

My dad is now back in the hospital, his spirits are good, he is eating and resting well. This morning his blood glucose was in the three hundreds. I know his doctor will not let him go home until we get over this latest hurdle.

Dad is going to have to miss this trip to Virginia but we have another family outing planned next month and he will be able to join us then.






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