May 1st 2010

Yesterday Poppa’s feet became edematous again. He went to the doctor and was placed on Lasix and Potassium pills. It is hard seeing him suffer and grow weaker. I am not use to it. On the plus side I made Malt-o-meal just the way he liked it this morning. Yesterday it was a bit lumpy(not my fault, really). I don’t know how people eat that crap. Oh well.

I am trying to help him control his hiccups better. He is suppose to take the thorazine every 12 hours, but I think he was waiting until he gets the hiccups, but by then it is too late. It take 30 minutes or more for the medication to get into your system good. I emephasized the importance of taking his medication on a regular basis.

Aaliyah has a cold, runny nose with a nasty cough. I have quarintined her away from him. Poppa has enough problems he doesn’t need to get  sick on top of it.

Monday Kesha returns for his chemo treatment. Physical therapy is going well I suppose. I see the therapist moving around more than my dad. Hopefully he will get off the couch today and move around.


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