A deep vein thrombosis of the right leg. Note ...

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My dad is still battling his colon cancer. He has chemotherapy every other week and it seem blood transfusions every month. I am frustrated that they cannot seem to stop the bleeding. It seem they should be able to cauterize it. The bleeding is from an internal hemarroid not the cancer. Anyway each day he is getting weaker and weaker, not from the cancer but from lack of movement. He just lays around all day long. I have tried to encourage him to move. Telling him to “move it or lose it.”  He has fallen several times in the last few weeks but refuses to let me get him a wheeled walker. HIs home care nurse and I both agree that it would help him but he says that he is going to California to visit his brother and cannot go with a walker. I don’t know what else to do.

On top of all that he has developed a blood clot in his leg, which has swollen up to twice the size of the other. I keep thinking to myself if he would have listen to me months ago and started an exercise program we could have prevented this. Further because of his bleeding he cannot take any of the anticoagulants that would dissolve the clot. Some days I just want to scream I told you to stop lying around so much.  See DVT‘s or deep vein thrombosis develop when there is decreased blood flow,  damage to the vein wall or hypercoagulability of the blood. His blood clot I’m sure is caused by the lack of blood flow. I love my dad so much and hate to see him suffering. Many days I just have to remind myself to breathe. 

Friday we are going to try a new surgical procedure to locally break up the thrombosis using rTPA. It is a drug that they give people who have had an ischemic stroke. It breaks up clots, in his case a DVT. I am very thankful to Jehovah that my dad has survived this long. It is hard on him mentally and physically but we will keep going forward together.

I will keep praying, I hope you will too.


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