For Popue from Gina Ruiz

How does it feel to know your dying

to sit in the dark and hear me crying

a strugle to move talk and eat

a sunken face and swollen feet

each day is a torture that you cant bare

you want to join in but can only stare

with my comapany i try to cheer

but when you leave is what i fear

i pray and cry and cry and pray

please lord just not today

i need more time, he just cant go

but my true feelings i cannot show

i hear your pain and know its hard

but please dont deal your final card

the games not over, its still in play

there’s just so much i wish to say

i love you, love you and love you more

i miss you and miss you my heart is sore

This poem is sad but true

but i want to say i love you popue.

please get well and come home soon. i love you so much. and i really dont know what i would ever do without you. omg i cant bare the pain of losing you.. i know its coming, i can see it in your eyes. but its not fucking fair… it so hard seeing you go thru this alone. you are the greatest grandpa in the world and even if i never say it to you ill tell the world. I LOVE MY GRANDPA, POPUE! PLEASE GET BETTER.


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