4/26/10 Dad’s first day of Chemotherapy


I woke up late today, having been up most of the night worrying about my dad’s first day of chemo therapy, and cleaning up after a sick kid who was puking up her guts all over my floor. At about 8 a.m. I entered the kitchen to find my dad up and dressed. He didn’t eat any breakfast, and I am worried. My wonderful neighbors have volunteered to take him back and forth to his treatment.  I feel guilty that I am not taking him, although I appreciate their help. (Yes I know I have six kids to look after and a full time job, still I wish I could do more.)

Before leaving the hospital on Friday the doctor had inserted a PICC line for his infusion therapy. I see and use them all the time in the hospital. It is strange seeing it used on a family member. At least he won’t have to be poked with needles repeatedly. I am anticipating the hair, and appetite loss. I already have Dramamine  on hand for the nausea and vomiting he may experience. At least I have practice in cleaning up puke from Savannah’s episode last night.


I just got off the phone with my dad. He is doing well, we both ended up sobbing on the phone. Me because I don’t want to lose him, and the fact that he was crying made me cry even more. He says he was crying not because he was depressed (which I don’t believe) but crying tears of joy because he knows he is going to get through this. From your mouth to God’s ears Poppa.  Now I am waiting for him to get home, going to work in the yard and finish painting my living room today. (busy work)


Just got off the phone with a home care nurse who will be doing his chemotherapy treatment at home. Good news I guess, but he never mentioned it to me.


Kesha, the home care nurse was very nice and informative. She informed us about what to expect over the next few weeks including Nadir (Nadir: Meaning low point, nadir is the point in time between chemotherapy cycles in which you experience low blood counts.)  Nadir usually occurs 9-14 days after treatment has started. At this time  my dad will be weaker and more prone to infection. Dad will also be receiving physical therapy as well. He seemed very enthusiatic to get this over with. He is ready to take a vacation to visit Uncle Deon in sunny California. I can’t wait until he is well enough to travel again. We have a family vacation planned this summer as well to go to Virginia. I told Kesha that she had to get to work in making my dad feel better. I’m sure after we finish chemotherapy we will all be ready for a vacation.  Kesha is monitoring dad’s home infusion of 5 FU (Flurouricil),  it is an anti-cancer drug used to treat many kinds of cancer.

10pm I think I hear my dad crying, I have to check on him. It is so very hard, everytime he cries, I cry. I love him very much. The kids are being very helpful, and are handling it better than I am.

Until tomorrow, Lexi


2 responses to “4/26/10 Dad’s first day of Chemotherapy

  1. gina

    Omg my first time reading this. I miss him so much. I lovs you for writing this. I miss him more than anything. 😦

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