30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 2


20 Facts About Me

1. I am a wife and mother of 6, four beautiful girls and 2 handsome boys.

2. I like doing creative things, writing, sewing, cooking, painting ect…

3.  I love to dance but don’t get a chance to do it much.

4. I work too much.

5. I a sleep deprived.

6. I love to read.

7. I am a die hard Prince fan. I love his latest single: This Could Be Us. (click link to hear it) 

8. I love to travel. My dream trip for the last umpteen years has been to go to Tahiti. I’m going to get there one day.

9. I am a registered nurse and certified respiratory therapist. If I had to pick between the two careers I’d go back to being a therapist. (pay sucks though)

10. I have a certificate in Legal Nurse Consulting, victim advocacy and as a paralegal. The legal system in this country is fascinating and is often mind boggling.

11. I believe in God. I try to read my Bible daily. I try to be a footstep follower of Jesus Christ.

12. I am addicted to Pinterist.  It’s what’s for dinner.

13. I love my children with all my heart.

14. My best friends are my sanity. They listen to my sob stories, and provide shoulders to cry on.

15. I am very emotional. I cry. I cry a lot.

16. I love music, loud music. When I am in the car alone I blast my radio. Music provides a physical and emotional release for me.

17. I need to lose 25 pounds.

18. My favorite season is summer. I want to move somewhere warm. Soon!

19. I used to be a DJ and  a sound engineer.

20. Since I’ve started working day shift I have become a coffee drinker. I love my Kuerig brewer. I am not a day person but I make it work.

I know I’m boring but I love ya, Lexi


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