Sometimes It Falls, a poem by Lexi Flint

Generational sin,

intentionally hide

in a closet full of skeletons.

They say, " Don’t talk about what happens in this house!"

You learn the rules at a very young ages.

Is it fear?




Secrets of the past

destined to be repeated,

if not treated,


destroyed with words of acceptance and love.

Behaviors passed down,

right or wrong?

It has been so long.

The world destroys our men,

Our men devalue our women,

Our women ignore the children

who should be seen and not heard

at times,


The Bible says there is a time for everything.

to sow and to reap,  to weep and to laugh.

Now is the time to rebuild our families,

restore our communities

mend our broken homes, hearts

It has been said that,

"a cloud of sin hangs over all of us

and sometimes it falls. "

I choose to carry an umbrella.



Filed under African American Authors, Lexi Flint, poetry, Random Thoughts

2 responses to “Sometimes It Falls, a poem by Lexi Flint

  1. Wow, powerful, though-provoking!

  2. Lillian Alexander

    Wow I like it. Cant wait for your book.

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