Wrinkles and All, a poem by Lexi Flint

March 5, 2013

Am I the first woman in the world

to wish

she could turn back the hands of time

erase the fine lines and grey hairs

of life experiences?

Can I discover my own little blue box

“that’s bigger on the inside”

allowing me to travel back to my past

right those I’ve wronged?

Am I the first woman

who has ever dreamed

of changing just that one thing

I did,

or take the chances I never took

to have the life I was destined to live?

As I lay next to you

listening to you softly snoring

I caress your scruffy cheek

and know in my heart

I have the answers to those questions

and more.

The choices I made may not have been perfect

but they created the woman I am today.

The life I live now is the one

God had planned for me all along,

for without the mistakes,

risking my heart,

taking that one right chance

I wouldn’t have the almost perfect life

I have now with you.


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Filed under African American Authors, Lexi Flint, poetry

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