The Broken Pen, by Lexi Flint


The Broken Pen

The writer sits at her desk

preparing to write a masterpiece

Everything in place

and a place for everything.




and the ever important cup of tea.

Up way too early

the house silent

she meditates

to let her muse flow free.

Stretching her arms up to Heaven,

she closes her eyes

filling her lungs up with air,

a deep breath in

a slow exhalation …

“In with creativity,” she says

“out with negativity.”

repeating the process several times

until her mind is at ease and the words flow freely.


Willing the words within her heart and mind

to flow down her right hand

onto the blank page before her.

At perfect peace within her world

she picks up her favorite pen

and places it on the finest paper a dollar can buy

and prepares to write…

She scribbles the pen upon the page,

to write…

but nothing comes…

“Darn it!” She throws the pen into the trash can at her feet.

Seething with a  sudden rush of anger

that the moment has passed,

the words have gone,

the muse has vanished from her once more.


Pushing her chair back from her desk,

she picks up the basket of laundry

and begins the chores of the day.


Once calm she vows to try and write

again tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow

and another excuse

not to write.


this time she’ll use her favorite

number two pencil

to write her masterpiece again.



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