Whispers, a poem by Lexi Flint


I have come to realize that writing a poem a day will be a challenge indeed and that I occasionally need something to spark my imagination. I have been using some writing prompt that I discovered on the web. If you are interested check out www.dailywritingtips.com or www.creativewritingprompts.com. If you know of any cool writing websites please include them in the comment section and I will check them out.



Whispers, by Lexi Flint

Whispers in the night

his moist hot breath lingered on her ear

just as his whispers of love and passion

whispers of their future yet begun

it sent shivers down her spine

feeling she had long denied resurfaced

turning friends into lovers.


Overnight it seemed

life extinguished the once brilliant light

and their love lived on in only

vivid dreams

distant memories

shared visions

of whispered kisses

a brief touch so sweet and gentle

a love unique and universal.


And yet she waited

breath baited

longing for her lovers warm embrace

once more.


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