Special Delivery, a poem by Lexi Flint

 Please remember these poems are just first drafts in my attempt to re-awaken my muse. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to join me on my year long journey to write a poem a day.


January 10, 2013

The hallway was silent as she entered the school

her designer heels echoed loudly

as she walked deliberately towards the principal’s office

in her hand she held the crumpled letter

that brought her back to these hallowed halls after all these years.

Anger furrowed her perfectly arched brows.

She loathed this school

Sister Sarah had been the bane of her existence twenty years ago

and now she was the principle

inflicting misery , she was sure, to all her entered her domain

The woman’s footsteps slowed as she reached her final destination

she paused tugging at her skirt that hit,

inappropriately per the uniform policy,

an inch too high above the knees

then she came back to her senses


she hadn’t been a student here for years,

decades even

She reached up to knock on the wood and glass door

a strangled gasp escaped her blood red lips

as the door creaked opened

“You’re late.” Sister Sarah said.

her small but imposing figure filling the door frame

“I…” the woman stammered.

“Don’t just stand there girl, come in, sit down!” she commanded.

The glass in the door rattled as the wiry old nun closed the door behind them.

Sister Sarah placed her hand on the woman’s back

Her skeletal fingers felt like ice cold knives on her spine

pushing her forward towards her fate

“Why ?”

“You know why.” Sister Sarah said.


“There are no excuses for this young lady”

The nun rounded her desk and stood in front of the window

dust motes floated though the thick air

enveloping the nuns black and white habit

The glaring sunlight obliterating her small face

all the woman could see were her piercing red eyes

“Why?” The woman managed to say once more

“You can’t take my diploma away, you’ll ruin my career” she said.

“You should have thought of that before…”

the nun slammed the twenty year old test paper on the desk in front of the her

“before you cheated on your algebra test.” Sister Sarah sneered at her, the nuns

teeth morphed into vampire like fangs.

Were her eyes playing tricks on her or

was that blood dripping down from …


The alarm clocks buzzing jolted the woman awake.

She was drenched in a cold sweat.

She sat up and sighed realizing it was only a dream.

“Honey are you okay?” her husband said entering their bedroom.

“I’m fine, it was just a dream.”

“Okay well I’ll see you later.” he said kissing her cheek as he left for work.

“by the way you have a piece of mail on the table, it came special delivery.”

The woman smile, he always did that when he sent her a surprise.

The woman bounded down the stairs toward the smell of fresh brewed coffee

and goodies but she was not greeted with the expected surprise

There were no flowers, no gifts, no surprises excepted for a mug of steaming hot

coffee and a pile mail.

The woman sat  at the kitchen counter sipping the steaming liquid

sorting the pile of mail her husband had left for her.

And there it was…

Special Delivery

She tore open the envelope

and then she let out a blood curding scream

it was a summons

to appear in the principles office

of Most Holy Mary Catholic School

Signed by,

Sister Sarah!!!!!!

When the woman’s husband found her body

she was laying on the kitchen floor clutching

the letter in one hand,

the handle of the shattered coffee mug  in the other

Weeks later the autopsy report

confirmed his wife had died of fright

and he wept because it was only supposed to be a joke.


by Lexi Flint



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5 responses to “Special Delivery, a poem by Lexi Flint

  1. Awww, that was a terrible way to go!! Mmmhmmm, I sense some truth this story is based on!! LOL!

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