The Children of Divinity Book One AWAKEN written by @GarthReasby a book review by Lexi Flint

AWAKEN is the first book in the Children of Divinity Series and debut novel of author Garth Reasby. This book has many pros and cons. I will start with the pros.

The Pros:

Jordan Law is the main character of this spy/suspense/superhero novel. She is intelligent, sexy and very well written. The author has written and weaved her backstory seamlessly throughout the story. Her love interest is a high ranking official in the British government. The story for the most part follows Jordan and her special forces team through some daring and death defying missions in Great Britain, Afghanistan and Russia; the success or failure of these missions have not only a global implication but a galactic one as well.  While the plot calls for the suspension of disbelief for some of the fantastical plot twists, once you  do they make for an interesting and fast paced page turner.

Reasby is masterfully skilled at writing his fight scenes and by the end of the book the author seems to have hit his stride. And while it took me a few chapters to get into the story by the end I was eager to read what happens next. Book two of the series is due out this year and I am eager to see how the story and the author’s story telling  skills grow and mature.

The Cons:

There are a multitude of characters introduced in this story. I suppose they were put in this book as an introduction for book two but I would have preferred that several characters be combined to make a stronger impression on the reader. For example several times in the story the author mentions Jordan’s five sisters but we meet only one.

It took me a while to get into the novel for several reasons, one was the use of military jargon. For example , in one passage of the book the author writes “Jordan carefully adjusted the aim of her Accuracy International L116a3 Warfare Super magnum Sniper rifle and centered the cross hairs of its Schmidt &Bender 3-12x variable scope on the center of the lead walker’s face.”  I tended to skip over any passage that contained such detail in search of more action. I found so much detailed description of weapons  a distraction which slowed the story down.

Next it seemed that for a while the story didn’t know what genre it wanted to be, suspense, thriller, science fiction, romance or all of the above.  I found the mixture of genres overwhelming at times and felt the writing would have been stronger had the author focused on only one or two, suspense/romance or scifi/thriller ect…

Overall I found AWAKEN to be entertaining and the authors writing became stronger as the story went along.  The characters were well written and I found myself invested in them. I look forward to learning more about them in book two due out later this year.

Book Blurb: 

Achilles. Perseus. Cu Chulainn. Joan of Arc. Their names ring through the millennia. They were called gods, heroes, the sons and daughters of divinity. Today we know their kind by another word: Superhero.
Jordan Law is the best sniper that the British Secret Intelligence Service has ever seen. Possessing a singular talent for slipping in and out of places that no human should be able to. She is a woman with a secret. Possessing superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, and the ability to make herself seemingly disappear into thin air, she is the perfect operative, an unstoppable assassin.
After a successful mission to eliminate a terrorist leader, Jordan’s secret is discovered by a shadowy organization within British Intelligence. She is drawn into a secret war where superhuman soldiers struggle to keep their own kind from preying on normal humans. Faced with the greatest challenge of her life, Jordan must push herself beyond the limits of what she though she could do to protect her family, her teammates, and the world from a threat that has worked behind the scenes since the earliest days of humanity.

AWAKEN is the debut novel of author, illustrator and musician Garth Reasby. Mr. Reasby  resides in the pacific Northwest with his author wife H.L. Reasby.  AwakenCoverFinalFirstPrintKindleVersionMedium

For more information about the author please visit his website or follow him on Twitter and Facebook.



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