Music Review : Retro-Soul Artist Mayer Hawthorne by Lexi Flint

Ah, 2012 has begun and with a new year comes promises to try new things and get rid of the old. One of the new things I am trying this year is a music review. This is a new area for me so please dont’ criticize me too badly, however when I discovered this artist his music moved me so much I had to let others know about this very talented young man.

I’d like to introduce you to a young man I discovered via Music Choice on Xfinity television,  Mayer Hawthorne.  formerly Andrew Mayer Cohen. This  former DJ/ producer has become a retro-soul sensation .  Mayer Hawthorne is an Ann Arbor Michigan native that has been  heavily influenced by Motown Legends of the past.  According to his bio  “Most of the best music ever made came out of Detroit.”

Ah so true!

Multitalented Mayer Hawthorne is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist  who has been influenced by soul legends Isaac Hayes, Mike Terry,  Barry White, Smokey Robinson and Curtis Mayfield to name a few.

Their soulful influence is apparent in every tract of his latest album How Do You Do (2011 Universal Republic Records). Track two on the album entitled A Long Time reminds me of the late Curtis Mayfield. I don’t listen to the radio much anymore because most stations play the same songs over and over again until you can’t get it out of your head, however I’m surprised that this talented young man is not in high rotation.  Another favorite of mine is track three, Can’t Stop featuring Snoop Dogg. Can’t Stop has a  strong beat and heavy brass section which allows the listener to imagine Mayer crooning  on stage holding an  old fashioned microphones with a big band behind him.  And who knew that Snoop could sing?

Each track on the album  is a little different in its styling but all are equally pleasurable to listen to.  Hawthorn was signed to Stone Throw Records after label head Peanut Butter Wolf heard just two tracks from this talented artist. He recently signed his first major record deal with Universal Republic Records.  Hawthorne’s sophomore album How Do You Do, has also been ranked number four on  Filter Magazines top 10 albums of 2011. After hearing just one of his songs this album jumped to the top of my very short list of must have musical releases.

The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne via YouTube

If you are tired of all the sound alike artist being played on the radio these days please check out Mayer Hawthorne. Each song tells a story and the vocal and musical styling take me back to my childhood  when I would sneak out of my bed at night while my parents had card parties and listened to the Motown records on the record player.  Mayer Hawthorne is a rising star. Best of all his album is available in mp3, cd, and get this VINYL.  You’ve got to love that. Hawthorne is a self proclaimed vinyl junkie. If I even owned a record player anymore I would definitely run out and buy it. Mayer Hawthorne and The Country will be embarking on a world tour beginning Feb. 2012. This will be one concert I don’t plan to miss. Please check out his website for more information.

Mayer Hawthorne

A Strange Arrangement


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  1. LOVED the review and really love the albums!

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