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Author Yvette Monae is a Georgia native who has written her first romance novel Love’s Fire Burns Deep.  It was released in February 2011 by Publish America. The book is available in e-book and paperback formats.  Her blog is insightful and often gives us a glimpse of her own personal life and struggles, such as her fear of blogging, as well as her writing… “It is important for me to create characters that women can relate, and believe me these women have some very interesting lives to share with you.”  Yvette is currently working on her second novel which will be released later this year.

I am pleased to introduce you to author Yvette Monae.

1.W hat inspires you to write?
I’m inspired to write by the pictures that I see in my mind.  An idea came to me to start writing down what I saw. Funny thing was, the pictures started to come to life, and characters were born, then stories were created.

2. What are your writing habits? Do you write a certain amount of pages per day? Do you write at a certain time of day?

I first determine how long I want the book to be, then I determine how many pages/word count I will do per day.  Sometime that works, sometimes it doesn’t.  But, I always try to write something everyday.  I do prefer to write late evening, to early morning when my home is quiet.

3. How do you combat writers block?

I keep writing, even if it makes no sense. I’ve tweeted about that on Twitter and a few of my followers have given me some helpful advice, to stop writing for a day or so and turn my attention to something else, then go back to writing with a fresh set of eyes. If that doesn’t work, then I will sit quietly in the dark with my eyes closed and replay different scenes in my mind. Doing that normally triggers something inside of me and helps me to see things more clearly.

4. Congratulation on the publication of your new book Love’s Fire Burns Deep. Can you tell us a little about it?

Thank you, Lexi! I’m thrilled to share a little bit about, Love’s Fire Burns Deep. It’s a sweet and simple love story based out of Atlanta. It’s about a girl, Jade, who sees a guy, Sy, for the very first time, and she can’t believe that she fell in love with him at first sight. At the present time, she’s in a relationship with Mike, who she loves very much and has dated since high school. Lately, she feels neglected because he constantly puts his career before her, and she complains that their love life is becoming nonexistent. Several years later she has a steamy encounter with Sy, that in one night lit her body afire. It was like nothing she had ever felt with Mike. She ultimately has to make the most important decision of her life, which is to stay with Mike, who can provide her with a secure future, or to leave him, for a man she hardly knows, for a future that is not known with Sy. Jade is not alone in her quest to find love; she has three best friends, Jennifer, Sierra, and Alicia. Together these girls deal with love and relationships in their own ways, while constantly trying to be there for each other through their close and very special friendships.

5. I have to say that from what I have read of your debut novel Love’s Fire Burns Deep is hot, hot, hot! Were the love scenes difficult to write?

Yes! I didn’t intend to write Erotic Romance, it just happened. When I came to my first love scene in the novel, I wrote it leaving out a lot of the details. After I read it back to myself, it sounded dull. So, I rewrote the scene and put in the descriptive language. It was exciting! Before the book was published, I started to panic. I was way out of my comfort zone. Then I realized that being out of my comfort zone was a good thing, if I wanted to continue to grow as a person.

6. The relationship between Sy and Jade is intriguing. Both are in relationships but you can’t help but want them to get together. Will this couple have a happily ever after?

Yes! I don’t want to spoil the ending for those of you who have not had a chance to read the book. But, Jade and Sy, will have a happily ever after.

7. Your novel introduces to a group of female friends each with a different view of love and relationships. Do you plan on writing a series of novels featuring each of these women and their quest for romance?

At this point, I haven’t considered branching off each character into their own series, but I believe that each of these ladies have such strong personalities that I could easily do that.  But, I do intend to do a sequel to Love’s Fire Burns Deep.

8. What lessons have you learned on your journey to publication that you can pass on to other aspiring authors?

It’s not easy to get published. Have faith in yourself, believe in your ideas, and try to create the best work that you can possibly create. Seek out the best people to help you in your quest. Most importantly, NEVER GIVE UP!

9. Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?

My favorite authors are, Maya Angelou, Marianne Williamson, Robert Kiyosaki, Kevin Trudeau, Zane, and Nicholas Sparks. I’m reading The Notebook, right now.

10. You published your novel with Publish America, a company that has received mixed reviews. People either love them or hate them. Can you tell us about your experience?

I know that Publish America is a very controversial publisher. I’ve only had one concern with them, I didn’t like the first selection for my cover art. I addressed the issue with them, and they took care of it to my satisfaction. I now love the cover of Love’s Fire Burns Deep. My experience has been pleasant and I would publish another book with them.

11. Which is harder for you, writing or promoting your work?

Promoting my book is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I thought that I would write a book, sign a contract, and my publisher would do the promoting. What I found out is that the publisher is limited in their promotional efforts; they mainly want to focus their attention on selling your book. So to become successful as an author, you either have to become a great salesperson, or seek out someone to help you, such as agents, or publicists. To my surprise, writing the book was the easiest part of this whole process.

12. What are you working on now?

I’m working on my second Erotic Romance novel, which I haven’t given a title. This book is about a love/hate relationship between my heroine and my hero. Also, I will venture off into a world of sex games in this book. I can’t wait to get it finished.


Author Yvette Monae

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  1. I LOVED the interview! Lexi you really investigated and dug deep with the questions! And Yvette had great answers! Very revealing! It left me looking forward to checking out more from Yvette, and I did just that by reading (and now following) her blog! Awesome writer!

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