Author Mari Miniatt guest blogs today and we’re having a give-a-way of her latest #vampire novel, Killers!

Hello, my name is Lexi Flint and I am technology phobic. I don’t have to have the latest tech gadgets available just because it is popular. I just upgraded to one of those touch screen phones and am about ready to throw it at the wall. However, I am grateful for the computer which makes writing easier, and the internet has made the world a lot smaller place. I am so very thankful to the inventors of Twitter and Facebook for allowing people to meet who otherwise would not. Social media has allowed me to become acquainted with many wonderful authors from around the globe, which in turn allows me to introduce those inspirational  people to you.
Today Author Mari Miniatt, whom I met via Twitter, writes about one of the most popular creatures of the night, VAMPIRES.  She has just published her second novel KILLERS book two of the Coriee Guardians Series.  If you haven’t read her debut novel Fledgling yet you are missing out on good old fashion story telling. You won’t want to put it down. I know I didn’t.
 To celebrate the release of her latest novel Mari will be giving away a copy of her new novel to one lucky commenter. The winner will be randomly selected from all the (polite, non spam) comments received. Contest ends Friday May 6th, the winner will be contacted via email.
Thank you Mari for guest blogging today…
Where am I? What’s going on? How did I get here? What’s next?
Those are the questions that fly around my head lately. A few years ago when I made the decision to publish my own book. I never realized how much fun and stress it would be. But when you are following your passion, that is what you live for.
Where am I?
Second book down! Killer. The second book of the Coiree Series is out. It is faster, and nastier than the first book, Fledgling. It had to be, it deals with Vincent the “owner” of the Burgundy Rathskeller. The smooth talking, bit of a smart-ass, vampire almost messes up in this tale. Just because he is a vampire doesn’t mean he is perfect.
Editing the third book, Patriarch. What a monster task that turned out to be. When I wrote the rough draft, I had not made up a couple of characters. Some parts of Steopa’s past (my giant vampire) had not been fleshed out. So when I did the first edit, it ended up a re-write.
What’s going on?
I have fans. Not just people that love the book, but others that are so involved in the stories I have received fan art, pictures of home-made T-shirts, and wonderful emails about how they convinced others to try my books. I have the beginnings of a street team, now to organize them and take over the world! Sorry, lost my head.
I have celebrated the birthday of my first book Fledgling. That was a blast. Book signing, contests, and a lot of fun.
Building my facebook page. I have a private page, but I decided that perhaps I was popular enough to take on an author page ( Turned out I was. It’s nice to separate my friends (who get sick of me talking about my writing) and my supporters (that want to hear about my writing).
I have been twittering as two of my vampire character, @SteopaR and @BiteNice. What? Why? Why not? Actually at the core it is a good way to work out your character’s voice. Have fun with them as you interact with real people or other characters. And generate an interest people in your work at the same time.
How did I get here?
A lot of hard work and support. It takes time and effort to write each novel. Then I have to promote it. More time and effort. My family has been supportive and understanding. I have made friend in real life and online that have helped out greatly. Even if it’s a small joke to make me laugh, when I was stressed.
What’s next?
Getting Patriarch ready for print by the end of the year. Then working on my minstrels story to get that ready for print by next year (the title has changed so much I might have a contest to see what people like). At the request of my fans, short stories about the vampires. I will be posting them on my blog once in a while. In a few years, I will put out a book with them all in it.
I still have far to go. But its been worth it. One of these days all this hard work and running into every direction imaginable will be worth it. But for now. I am too busy to think about stopping.



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6 responses to “Author Mari Miniatt guest blogs today and we’re having a give-a-way of her latest #vampire novel, Killers!

  1. laradunning

    Fun idea to have your character tweet. Things like that are what makes social media a fun part of getting the word – or should I say work – out there. I enjoyed your post on Why We Need Vampires. Vampires have defiantely morphed from their days of old. You sound like one busy author! Keep the creativity going!

  2. looking forward to reading this series 🙂 keep em coming:)

  3. I was interested to learn from your blog how Miniatt uses a variety of media not only to promte her work but develope it further.

  4. And the winner is …..Micheal Fitzgerald. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful comments. ( The winner was picked from all the comments made. Each persons name was placed in a hat at the winner was drawn by my unbias (read disinterested) daughter Savannah. Thank you everyone for reading my blog. Please come back again. Be sure to pick up a copy of Mari Miniatt’s latest novel Killers.

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