In The Middle of Making Love, a poem by Lexi Flint #aprpad, Day 27 #poetry

Endless love

Image by Millzero Photography via Flickr

Day 27    In the Middle of Making Love by Lexi Flint

The morning sun shines through the window blind

blinding me, it is too bright, too early to get up

I refuse to open my eyes.

 Beneath the flannel sheetsI feel you caress,

warming my body with you gentle touch

(I may never go to work if you keep doing that)

I stretch, yawn and pull you closer to me

longing to feel your touch

but in the middle of making love

there is a knock at the door

I open my eyes and laugh

for it happens every time

kids just seem to know the perfect time to interrupt

our time of  getting reacquainted.

Our time of reaffirming our “us-ness”

“Just a minute!” I sing.

“But mommy I have to go potty!” the little one says through the door.

“Go downstairs!” Daddy yells clearly frustrated.

“But Mom…!” a muffled voice replies, “It’s occupied!”

I open my eyes, kiss you on the cheek and laugh

as I get out of our soft warm bed.

Before unlocking  the door I turn back and give you a little squeeze.

“When is our next vacation?”


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One response to “In The Middle of Making Love, a poem by Lexi Flint #aprpad, Day 27 #poetry

  1. Excellent post! I enjoyed reading it very much.

    Poetry will never loose it’s touch even as we enter this digital age. Thanks for sharing.

    A Poem for Mothers

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