Second Thought, a poem by Lexi Flint Day 21 #aprpad, #poetry

Sunshine of my life is you...

I took a plane to Detroit to  say good bye

to a face I had not yet seen

It would have been a tragic loss

to the world if I had let you go.

My girls greeted me at the DTW gates

Their support I could never repay

 I cried all night long

For the Lord to hear my plight

And He made the sun shine on us  that day

Upon a lonely flight

HE told me to be strong

on that plane from Chicago

How that one hour felt so long but

God gave me the answers

He told me to carry on

Eight months later I held you in my arms

Your father by my side

You were so beautiful

so precious

so small

I knew no matter how hard the road ahead

I had made the right decision

to keep my precious child.


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