April Poem a day challenge days 22-25 Enjoy! #poetry, #writing, #aprpad

Spring tree

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As the Writer’s Digest Poetic Asides draws to a close I am trying to play catch up. One wouldn’t think that writing one poem a day would be hard, but with all the responsibility of life it sometimes seems impossible to get the “me” time necessary to do the writing I so enjoy.  I am going to try and do better. I hope you enjoy my first efforts.

Have a great day,


Day 25 Falling

We always curse the rainy days

wanting instead to go out and play

Rarely do we thank the rain

for falling, washing the dust away

and making all things bright and new.

Day 24 Prayer poem

Each day I see people become more and more disconnected from one another,

plugged into technology but not each other

more in touch with the internet

than the family you claim to adore

My brief prayer oh Jah  is that we learn to love more freely.

A smile, a touch, a warm embrace can change the course of someone’s day.

Day 23  a quit doing what you are doing poem

Smoking cigarettes made us cool, we thought

Most of the kids at school had tried it and could even blow smoke rings

Outside of the party, music thumping

Kidding ourselves that we looked glamorous, like the movie stars of old

Inhaling cancer willingly into our immature lungs

Not realizing the lasting effects- cancer, hypertension, emphysema, DEATH

Good thing  I liked to dance, quitting before it became an expensive habit

        Maybe you should consider quitting the cancer sticks too.

Day 22

As the sun sets below the horizon,

it changes the sky

into a shimmering array of colors

Pink, peach and purple

the colors of passion

the same hue as my  mango daiquiri

Savoring the cold drink, the Florida heat.

Sitting on the balcony next my love

We gaze into the sky

morning glory fading into a star filled night

cloudless and the moon rising high

I sigh with pleasure as a warm breeze caresses my cheek

I sigh in distress as if this were the only night

for it is our last night we will share in paradise

Our stolen moments are too far apart

and I dream of the too distant nights

when we shall share sunsets inspired kisses once more.


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