It surrounds me, a poem by Lexi Flint Day 5 of the Poem a day Challenge #poetry #writing #aprpad

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Tragedy surrounds me

I hear the mournful cry of the world, the city, the people

The earth is having a tantrum, rebelling

shaking violently against the ravishing of it precious resources

We waste the oil, the air, the water, the trees

I can barely breathe

the world

is polluted with the blood of a million fallen soldiers

If we are all brothers,

all the same

one heart and one mind

how can I take your life or you take mine

in the name of a country

that leaves its own people




and POOR

Our boarders were once open to the humbled masses

a melting pot

but now we erect tall fences  armed with machine guns

to keep everyone different from us away

Living in a continuous state of FEAR

Threat level is always HIGH

Fear is keeping the gas prices high and going higher

As far as I’m concerned, the terrorist have won

We are being hit everyday in our wallets

I can’t even leave the country without feeling like a criminal

Did you have to toss my bottle of water Mr. TSA agent?

For I am thirsting for justice

That few, if any see.



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6 responses to “It surrounds me, a poem by Lexi Flint Day 5 of the Poem a day Challenge #poetry #writing #aprpad

  1. easylifestyles

    Another great post. Thanks for sharing this. Spending time sitting down to writing short stories and poems is something I truly enjoy in life. I enjoy reading your blog very much.

    A Great Day for Spring – Poem

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  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lexi. Your poem is wonderful.

  5. I forgot to congratulate you on your NaNoWriMo achievements. Congrats.

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