Day 4 of the poem a day challenge 2011 #aprpad #poetry #writing


My Son

Each day is an adventure

he wakes and his eyes are full of love

I partake of his imagination

and encourage it

What shall we do today?

Bake a cake?

Read a book?

or search the yard for dinosaur bones?

Alex loves dino’s



blowing bubbles

he is my best friend.

I am not looking forward to sharing him with the world

for every day is full of wonder

some new invention to discover

in a cardboard box we fly to the moon

with beach towel capes we zoom

through the stars

Where’s our next stop Jupiter or Mars?

I pray our journey never ends.

My child, my son, my best friend.


Alex age 4



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3 responses to “Day 4 of the poem a day challenge 2011 #aprpad #poetry #writing

  1. easylifestyles

    I love poetry and I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing this post. Feel free to stop by sometime.

    Raining Purple Rain

  2. laradunning

    Sweet and touching poem. Although I always think of being best friends with your kids when they are older. The questions in the poem are right on. They wake up and say What are we doing today? Takes you back to when you were a kid.

    • My children range in age from 4 to 18 and I find that my youngest son is the most fun because his mind is open and hasn’t been jaded by school or peers. He still has the wide eye wonder of watching bugs crawl on the ground or how rainbows are formed after the rain. It is fun looking at the world through his eyes. My older children are more interested in music videos, their friends and spending my money. LOL

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