The sweet scent of a writing success. Meet award winning British author and aromatherapy expert, Sharon Falsetto, in Lexi’s Author Alcove. #writing, #aromatherapy, #Sedona

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British born Sharon Falsetto fell in love while vacationing in the Sedona Arizona in the spring of 2006. A few months later she crossed the Atlantic, married her Jeep tour guide and made the United States of America her new home. (Now if that isn’t a story book romance I don’t know what is. )  Sharon  has been published in various web magazines and maintains two blogs, Aromatherapy Notes and Girly Chat while also contracts private writing work through Write Web Text. She is a busy girl.

In 2008 Sharon combined two of her passions writing and aromatheapy, is currently a featured writer for and . Sharon  is dedicated to promoting the healing benefits if aromatherapy.  She owns Sedona Aromatherapie, Chocolate Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Wedding and will soon be hosting classes in aromatherapy as well.

I’d like to thank Sharon for being here in Lexi’s Author Alcove and taking time out of her busy schedule to answer some of my most probing questions. Okay so they aren’t that probing but the answers are quite interesting. Please comment and leave any questions you would like Mrs. Falsetto to answer.

Enjoy! Lexi

1. When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

I used to write fictional stories as a little girl and regale my family with them!  However, when I “grew up” I pursued a “normal” career in the business world before finding my way back to writing a couple of years ago, initially as a way to “promote” my aromatherapy business.  That led to whole string of other opportunities in the writing world!

2. You currently reside in Sedona Arizona. I had the pleasure of visiting there earlier this year and it is an absolutely amazing part of the country. Do you find inspiration in the beauty that surrounds you?

I moved to Sedona from the UK 4 years ago so, as you can imagine, it is very different, in a lot of ways!  Sedona IS beautiful, and I am lucky to live just outside of the “tourist” center of Sedona itself, in the peace and quiet of the surrounding area, but still with amazing views!  I think nature itself provides my inspiration but the beauty of Sedona certainly doesn’t detract from that!  (And BTW, next time you are in Sedona, pay me a visit!)

Lexi’s note : I will definitely come back for a visit soon. Sedona is such a beautiful place and the people that I met there were so warm and kind.


Sedona AZ May 2010

3. What are your writing habits? Do you write a certain amount of pages per day? Do you write at a certain time of day?

I tend to write in the afternoons mainly, simply because that is the way my schedule falls, in my balancing act of other responsibilities, in addition to trying to grow an aromatherapy business.  I have no set number of articles that I “must” write in a day, although I have a pretty disciplined boss (i,e. me!) who makes sure I reach my target for that day!

4. You’re currently a featured writer for , and multiple blogs. Do you ever get writers block and how do you combat it?

I think I suffer from the opposite problem!  I have so many different ideas for articles and blogs that they are constantly fighting to get to the top of the pile and become published fact!  I have loads of sticky notes all over my desk with writing ideas!  Some days, I do get “fatigued” by the writing process and need to take some “time out” to re-focus and refresh ideas.

5. What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the art and science of using essential oils, obtained from plants, in a therapeutic way.  Aromatherapy is perceived slightly differently in the US as oppose to my native UK, so I am finding different ways to reach the American people with it!  It is much more than just a “pretty smell”; used correctly it has the power to heal a number of health problems.

6. Are there scents that will help me with my writing? (please say chocolate since I’m a chocoholic LOL)

LOL.  Chocolate is one of my addictions too and although chocolate in itself is not true aromatherapy, I did create a webstore called Chocolate Aromatherapy, for the very purpose of combining aromatherapy with “chocolate based” products. 

However, with regard to true essential oils, scents such as rosemary and clary sage are great aromatherapy oils for providing mental stimulation (and getting your brain working on those writing ideas!).

7. How does one receive training in aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an unregulated industry in the US so basically anyone can set themselves up and call themselves an “aromatherapist.”  However, a qualified aromatherapist will have taken extensive training with an accredited aromatherapy training provider.  I trained with Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy in the UK and continue to do advanced training through distance learning.  In addition, in the US there is a register of registered aromatherapists, who have met a certain standard, although membership is not mandatory to practice aromatherapy.

8. What lessons have you learned on your journey to publication that you can pass on to other aspiring authors?

Writing is not easy; and getting published in any credible format is not easy either.  Its true that there are a whole myriad of internet publications out there who publish anything but to get published with credible sources, you need to practice your writing skills to be accepted as a writer.  I have improved my writing a lot since I started writing seriously.  And also pay attention to different styles.  A publisher may require a certain style of writing that isn’t your natural style.  And finally, just keep writing!

9. Many of your articles have been awarded the editor’s choice award on Suite101. What are the key ingredients for writing an award winning article?

I never actively strive for an editor’s choice award but I do know you have to write something that is “a little bit different” than the thousands of other articles out there!  A unique insight or perspective helps too.

10. Do you think you will publish a book about your passions, aromatherapy and travel?

I would love to publish a book – about aromatherapy and my move from the UK to the US!  I haven’t quite found the “right” angle yet that I would like to focus on, to set it apart from others, but I can see a book (or two) in my future on both subjects!

11. Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?

I read almost anything and everything that stimulates my interest!  I love reading “true life” stories and currently I am reading “A Royal Duty” by Paul Burrell on the life of Princess Diana.

12. What is Girly Chat?

Girly Chat is a magazine style blog for women that I put together to write about some of my passions about women’s issues, in addition to the latest celebrity gossip!  It focuses on both serious and fun issues including sections on health, books, TV and film, fashion and beauty, travel and social issues.

13. What writing advice have you received that helped you the most?

I write predominately for the web and when I first started writing for the web I didn’t realize that I would have to learn so much “technical” stuff in order that people could find my work! I have learned alot from other web writers on how to promote my work, the techniques to use and the different writing styles needed to be successful on the web.

14. What advice would you give other aspiring writers?

Perseverance is a key attribute for a writer!  “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” 🙂

15. What are you working on now?

In addition to my “normal” weekly workload of web articles and blog commitments, I am working on writing aromatherapy courses for aromatherapy classes that I plan to start next year and hold on my property, which is part of an original pioneer homestead in Sedona.  Again new challenges, and a different way of writing!  Oh, and perhaps I’ll get to start that book some time soon 🙂

Thank you Sharon for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us. I wish you much success and I can’t wait to stop by for a visit.

Thanks again Lexi

For more information about Sharon Falsetto and aromatherapy please visit one of the websites below.




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