Poetry in progress by Lexi Flint. November Poem a day challenge. Enjoy! Comment! #novpad, #poetry #writing

November 2010 Poem a day challenge

 Day one prompt : closing the door” or “turning the page” poem


Standing at the precipice of change

holding on, white knuckled

a mother looks back over her shoulder

fear etched lines mar her once beautiful face

she wanted things to stay the same

she’d nurtured them

watched them grow

but it all happened too fast

she had taught them to fly

never expecting them to go so high

or so far so fast

the mother

tried to make everyone happy

but realized

the control

was no longer hers

those she loved

had gone their own way

the tide flowed to another shore

carrying her offspring with it

never again would they look to her

for protection or support

they didn’t need her anymore

and it broke her heart

Tears marred her once beautiful face

for the past could not be repeated

mistakes fixed

yet the future could be improved

Finally letting go of her fears

she turns her face into the sunrise

blinded by opportunity

she spreads her own wings

flying into the future

and for the first time

tastes freedom

un-tethered by responsibility

and it tastes good.


Day 2 Prompt : “ready to start”

Expensive as it was, he knew it had to be done.

Expletives muttered under his breathe

he sighs, acquiescing to his fate.

He signs his name, then

passes the check to the admissions officer.

“Thank you, daddy!” His daughter face beams

Her college journey has begun.

She holds out her hand for something more.

He raises an eyebrow, shoulders sag

as he opens his wallet once more,

handing her all that he has.

Later she waves at him as he drives off campus.

His wallet and heart empty.

He glances into his rearview mirror,

his little girl is gone.



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2 responses to “Poetry in progress by Lexi Flint. November Poem a day challenge. Enjoy! Comment! #novpad, #poetry #writing

  1. Rus Yates-Aylott

    November Promise.

    Give me wings to ride this icy wind.
    That they may carry me to your side
    And to your hearth still warm from golden glow

    And let me feel alive
    unmarred, unshackled from all that bound me
    Ready for new challenges.
    To twist and turn as November leaves
    That come to rest on mother earth
    Adorned with diamond frost.

    And let me know your warmth
    As I forge new roots plunged deep into the soil,
    Find sustenance and life beneath that blanket strewn
    That purity that casts all things even, the first of winter’s snow.

    Winter birds join my flight
    through night, to speed my way.
    Their song so crisp and tuneful, a story yet untold,
    of hope and cheer. And all at once. I’m there.

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