To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition. What makes you happy?

Oct, 19, 2010

I spent a little time today reading  SIMPLE ABUNDANCE A DAYBOOK OF COMFORT AND JOY by Sarah Ban Breathnach (1995). While I’ve had this book for over a decade it was the first time I read this particular entry entitled  "The ultimate Result of All Ambition". In this entry  Mrs. Breathnach had the above mentioned quote "To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition" –Samuel Johnson

In the entry she ask the following question;  "Why are you working so hard? To be happy at home. But you’re never at home- in mind, body or spirit –because you’re always working. So why are you working so hard? To be happy at home. "

One of the housekeepers where I work asks me that very same question every time she sees me on the job. My usual answer is because I’m poor.  She waves her hand and shakes her head in disbelief. But it is the truth.

"To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition"

This one line made me think and think hard. Lately I have been putting 50-60 hours a week in at the hospital with the same goal, to ultimately be happy at home. To be able to live off my base income of 36 hours a week. Three days on four days off. I would have time to spend with my children, husband, work on my various writing projects and to make my religious meetings to name a few. Id be able to spend time with my friends. My kids doubt that I have any real friends because I’m always working I never have time to have a GNO. Girl’s night out. (Hi Becky, Nini, Stacey, Molanda, Tracey , Malissa, Lesa et al I miss you girls!)

I have a plan!

I have a two year plan to get out of the debt hole my husband and I have put ourselves in.  Let me clarify we didn’t purposely get into debt. We like other families across the globe experienced several months of unemployment and increasing credit card reliance. This mountain of debt keeps me away from the things I truly love. My family and my writing. I often joke with my co-workers that if I win the lotto I would quit my job. The reality is that I wouldn’t really quit but I’d work on my own terms, after taking a week long nap.

I love my job as a nurse and I have great co-workers but I’m exhausted. I’m only doing this for the greater good of my family. Two years and counting, God willing.

So as I said before "the ultimate result of all ambition is to be happy at home."

What’s keeping you from being happy at home?

Here are some websites I looked at to get some debt relief idea. I’d love to hear your ideas.


Oprahs Debt Diet Action Plan

Http:// The 12 step get out of debt program


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