British author, Lynne Morrison talks about her journey to publication of her new book ‘Where the crickets Sings’ #writing, #publication, #romance


British author Lynne Morrison hails from Bedford England near Cambridge, yes home of the famous university. This delightful mother and grandmother shared with me that before she had children she use to be a Can-Can Dancer. Isn’t that cool? While raising her family she also taught exercise dance classes. For her debut novel Lynn wrote about a topic she was familiar with, dance. Her novel Where the Crickets Sings is about two people, albeit a rock guitarist and a ballerina, who’ve been married for years and ,via an incident, realize that their values have changed and finally discover what’s important to them.  Ms. Morrison has promised me that when she visits America next year we will share a nice cuppa. I can’t wait, make mine Earl Grey, hot. 

Where the Crickets Sing will be published in December 2010, thanks to Lynne’s hard work and an art council grant. I  can’t wait to read Where the Crickets Sing until then  here is the back cover blurb:

“In a few months ex ballerina, Beth Cassidy will have been married to a rock guitarist and music producer for twenty eight years. Twenty eight years of riding the roller coaster that is, Danny Cassidy. Of course by now she knew all the signs. The long hours in the studio, the expensive little presents. Last week he suggested a Caribbean cruise for their anniversary, why, he hated the Caribbean and cruising even more. It could only mean one thing. His current blond must be under thirty and very pneumatically built. How many pneumatic blonde’s had there been in the last twenty years. Too many. Still at least she’d learnt one valuable lesson. Guilt in a husband can be a powerful tool in the hands of a wife if used properly.”

I have enjoyed getting to know Lynn Morrison I hope you will too.

1. When did you first begin writing?

I think I’ve always written. I’ve always loved books. I was an only child up to the age of 12 so reading and writing kept me amused and out of trouble. Growing up in Liverpool probably helps, the place is full of wonderful story tellers. Lets hope it’s catching.

2.   What inspires you to write ?

Lots of things. The way someone looks, an overheard sentence, a dream, or a daydream.

3. What are your writing habits?

Do you write a certain amount of pages per day? Do you write at a certain time of day? I like write first thing in the morning. I have Fibromyalgia so sleep can be a problem. I don’t set myself a word or page target. Some days I write, some days, I can’t.

4. Congratulation on the publication of your new book. Can you tell us a little about it?

Its called ‘Where the Cricket Sings’ The title came about when I found out that Danny, one of my main characters is very fond of WB Yeats. The story it self is about a marriage. This particular complicated marriage happens to be between an ex ballerina, Beth and a rock guitarist, Danny.

5. What lessons have you learned on your journey to publication that you can pass on to other aspiring authors?

Don’t give up.

6. Is your book going to be published traditionally or via and e-publisher?

A traditional publisher, via an arts council grant.

7. Do you think e-publishing will one day put brick and mortar bookstores out of business?

 No I don’t. I think e-books have their place, but there are still many readers out there, like myself, who like the look and feel of a real book.

8. Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?

I am a very eclectic reader. I have just finished “Ship of Rome” by John Stack. Brilliant! Before that I read “The Floating Brothel” by Sian Rees. It’s an incredible true story. And before that I re-read “Little Women”

9. If you had one wish for your writing career what would it be?

To have a modicum of success. I have no wish to be another JK Rowling.

10. Do you write full time or part time, and how do you balance your writing career with the rest of your life?

I write part time. My day is taken up, now that I’ve retired, with the usual housework, walking my Parsons Russell Terrier, cooking, knitting and seeing my children, and grandchildren.

11. What advice would you give other aspiring writers?

Tell a good story. Don’t copy, and please don’t follow the current fad. I’m sorry, but there are far too many ‘vampire’ stories out there.

12. Do you consider yourself a plotter or a pantster?

When I started to write ‘Where the Cricket Sings’ I had, or so I thought, planned it out from start to finish. But as I wrote my characters began to tell me different. For instance, I had no idea that Danny had been married once before, and no idea that he had aspirations of becoming a world class boxer.

13. Do you ever experience writers block and how do you over come it?

All the time. Some days no matter how you try, it isn’t there. When that happens I take my dog out for a long walk. It usually works.

13. How long did it take to write your book and find a publisher?

 Over all, with the many edits, about 2 years. And a further 3 years to get it published.

14.What was the most challenging part of writing ‘WHERE THE CRICKETS SING’ ?

Removing the bits that didn’t move the story along. You get to like the sound of your own voice, and carry on writing regardless. But in the end you have to be ruthless

15. What are you working on now?

A sequel to ‘Where the Cricket Sings’ and one other.

when the cricket sings

About Lynn Morrison, taken from  her website. :

In the nineteen sixties with the Mersey Beat in full swing, everyone wanted to be Liverpudlian. Suddenly, we Scousers were sexy. They were great days. I worked in the city centre, on Church Street; a stone throw away from Matthew Street and the Cavern. Our favourite club was the Mardy Gras, on Brownlow hill. We went there most Saturday nights, after stopping for a drink in the Beehive pub opposite. I moved away from Liverpool in 1967 to be a dancer, with a company in London. Later, when I married, I moved to the Wirral. By the mid seventies I had two children, and we had moved to Formby.

Some years ago, I moved south again. I now live in Bedford with a good friend, and a Parsons Russell Terrier, called Stanley.


According to the :

Scousers are usually easy going, up for a laugh, and welcoming to outsiders, and usually possess a strong wit similar to that of the Irish, and Geordies, also loves a good party! 

Lexi’s note: Sounds like my kind of person! I’d like to thank Ms. Morrison for participating in this blog interview from across the pond. Thank God for the internet.




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