The first day of school (writing resolutions)

Today my children started back to school which for me is a triumph and a tragedy. I am happy to have back my uninterrupted writing time (7am until my youngest wakes up). I am nervous because now I have to perform. I have no more excuses as to why I’m not blogging on a regular basis or writing my latest novel or poem. I have to make good on my new years resolution to submit something each week. (Yeah that one went down the crapper after two weeks. )

So now  I am going to make my new school year resolutions and I need you to keep me honest.

1. I am going to write something everyday.(minimum of 2 pages/day)

2. I am going to submit something I’ve written at least once a month. (weekly was a bit to stressful for me.)

3. I am going finish my current work in progress before nanowrimo commences in November.

4. I will win Nanowrimo 2010 this year.

5. I am going to edit my first novel and prepare it for a beta read. (any volunteers?)

6. I am going to continue introducing you my readers ( yes, both of you) to the freshest new authors and their books here in Lexi’s Author Alcove.

What are your writing resolutions for the new school year?



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3 responses to “The first day of school (writing resolutions)

  1. You can do it! Mine would be dang I have to think since kids have been in school for two weeks already.

    1. Get this first chapter done for a contest today that’s my first goal.

    2. Get newest novel edited and sent to the critique partners

    3. Get it sent to publishers before Nanowrimo 2010.

  2. barbara birkner

    How do I survive 6th grade

    Are the teachers nice,
    Will they love my work?
    Do they love to give homework?
    That would not be so nice.

    Will the teachers
    Have bad back aches.
    Will they love to do
    Many things like bake.

    Will they be fair .
    Do they think
    I’m very good and smart.
    Do I have to do my work in ink

    Now that I know
    My teachers are smart,
    And I also love to do
    Things like art.

    by Barbara Birkner

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