Meet Lyrical Press author Brynna Curry and her alter ego Brianna Roarke today in Lexi’s Author Alcove #writing

Brynna Curry writes paranormal romance for Lyrical Press. This fellow  momwriter is inspiring to me and will soon be inspirational to you as well. If she can juggle writing, family, work and reviewing others work, there is no excuse for me or you not to put our butts in our chairs and write.  Brynna judges writing contest, reviews books of all sorts for You Gotta Read and recently became the moderator for You Gotta Read Guest Blog. She still works her 8-5 secretary job by day and takes care of her family. Whew! ( wiping the sweat off my brow, I don’t know how she does it all.) Read our interview below and maybe she will let us in on her secret to writing success. Help me welcome author Brynna Curry to the Alcove today by leaving your comments and questions for her.  Thanks Brynna for being here today. First the simple questions…


1. When did you first begin writing?

Hmm, I’ve always scribbled down stories, at least since I was old enough to write words, but I didn’t start actively trying to get anything published until 2005 when I finished Earth Enchanted.  I tried submitting to Harlequin first and was rejected. Several years wiser, I can see the things I could have done to make the writing stronger.  Thanks to a friend’s urging, I decided to try e-presses. After a lot of brutal critiques and hours rewriting I subbed to Lyrical signing a contract for the series. I couldn’t be more pleased with all the great people I’ve had the chance to work with and my editor is awesome

2. What are your writing habits? Do you write a certain amount of pages per day? Do you write at a certain time of day?

I’m always super busy and unless I have a piece that’s pressing or deadlines, I may go two or three days without writing anything other than an email or a review. I do most of my writing early in the morning or late at night while everyone sleeps and then spend the day working at the computer on the weekends.

3. Are you a pantster or a plotter? Do you sit down at the computer and let your story lead you where it wants to go or do you outline every twist and plot point?

Now that’s a tough one. I write in series, so I do plan some of the intricate details that must be carried through to the last book. Often my future main characters are developed as secondary characters in the first and even second books in the series. As for the story itself, I plan the basic agenda, conflict, setting etc, but the characters drive the story. As long as the end goal is the same, I don’t mind. Sometimes not even I know what will happen until it actually does.

4. Who are your favorite authors and what are you reading now?

Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz (in all her persona), and Catherine Coulter are my auto buys. I love Nora’s trilogies and the In Death books and  Catherine’s FBI series. They always keep me asking, "Now how did they do that?" or "Where did they work that in to the plot?" Brain food.

Julie, Jayne and Sherrilyn have the rare ability to turn off the writer’s part of my mind and just allow me to read like I use to as a kid. No strings, no worries, just an awesome story to make me forget whatever went wrong that day.

5. What are your goals as a writer?

I’d love to see one of my books in print and I’m working towards that.

6. If you had one wish for your writing career what would it be?

I’d love to write full time and be able to stay home with my kids.

(Lexi’s note: ME TOO!)

7. What advice would you give other aspiring writers?

Read. If you like to read a variety of genres, get into e-book reviewing. You’ll learn a lot about house styles, what works and what doesn’t.  Write about what you know and where you know.  Write the best story you possibly can and then edit it until it screams for mercy. Then visit the Absolute Write Water Cooler and all the helpful folks there.  Join a critique group and find one whose not afraid to be brutal. Some good online yahoo groups are RWC, PNWriters and if you are a parent, ParentsInk or Momwriters.  Always do your research. Never assume anything.

8. Earth Enchanted and To Take up the Sword are both eNovels distributed by Lyrical Press. Do you believe electronic media is the wave of the future?

In a sense, yes, because our children are learning to use our planetary resources more carefully. I wouldn’t be surprised if when my grandchildren are my children’s age we no longer use paper in school or even publish print books (except maybe for the very wealthy or country’s national libraries).

10. Are any of your books available in hardcover or paperback via print on demand possibly?

At this time, all of my books are available electronically only due to publisher’s book length requirements. However, Wait for the Wind book three in the series might be available for print if other guidelines are met. It should be released in January of 2010.

(Lexi’s note I am a paper girl, I love holding a new book in my hand. My husband says I am so last century. He loves the e-book format. I love cruising the aisle for a new book to read.)

11. Your books mix romance, mystery, and the paranormal together to create evocative stories. Where do you get your ideas?

The tiniest thing can start an idea. A song, an overheard conversation, a dream, really anything at all. A dream started Elemental Magic.

12. You are a wife, mother and employed full time as a secretary. Where do you find the time to not only write but to blog, and judge writing contest as well? You possess awesome time management skills. Can you teach me your secret?

My secret is Dinky. Lol. Seriously, Dinky is the nickname for my Acer mini and it allows me quick access to the net via wi-fi.  My husband, Jackie, gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It stays in my bag. (Purses just don’t hold enough of my absolutely necessary stuff. Umm, pens, legal pads, phone, kid junk, etc.)

Anyway, I have about twenty minutes after the kids are off to school before I have to clock in at work. That’s when I handle YGR business, blogs, and answer most of my email. I try to keep a check on it during the day, but only respond to urgent emails while at work. I don’t have internet access at home, because its a huge distraction for me. I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter seeing what everyone else is doing.

(Lexi’s note: Twitter is addicting, I have started a twitter anonymous support group. Since I started tweeting I get nothing done with my writing either. I don’t think I could go without internet service at home though. You are a strong woman Brynna! LOL)

13. Please tell our readers about Brynna Curry and your alter ego Brianna Roarke? How are they the same? How are they different?

Brynna Curry is my sweeter side. As Brynna I write paranormal romance and sometimes suspense, though I think all my books have an element of danger to them. Brianna started with a werewolf novella I wrote entitled Gypsy Moon. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, darker, bloodthirsty and scorching hot. I wanted to draw a line between the two and created Brianna. Recently, I find Brynna’s writing heating up and taking that dark tone as well. Will I write more books as Brianna Roarke? I think it will depend on the story itself. For now I’m giving Brianna a rest and bringing those darker elements into Brynna’s books.

14. Where can someone purchase your books?

My books are also available through all the major online bookstores.

15. How do you promote your books? Do you have a platform which many writers feel is necessary due to the economy and the fact that many publishing houses have put the burden of promoting books onto the shoulders and pockets of the authors?

I promote via yahoo groups, blogs, my site, interviews and tell everyone I meet about my books. Promotion is the tough part, especially on a budget, you are limited to how much time you have and what you can do.

17. Do you belong to any writing associations?

No. Not at this time. I’m considering RWA.

18. Please tell our readers about your book series Elemental Magic.

The series began with a dream of the healer Briella and her nixie-witch Daemon. Unfortunately, the dream sequence giving the basis for the spell and series was cut and left on the editing floor. I intend to back-track with Wind and try to bring some of that back into the rest of the series.

My latest book is Earth Enchanted the first in my Elemental Magic series available now from Lyrical Press, Inc. and has received 4 to 5 star reviews from Bitten by Books, LASR and You Gotta Read reviews.


TAG: When telepath meets ex-cop, will it be death or diamonds

BLURB: Writer Liv Corrigan has the worst luck with men — her telepathy tends to make them run for the hills. When she meets widower and ex-cop Jack Roarke, she decides to keep her talent hidden. Things are looking up until their third date crashes and burns as the man who murdered Jack’s wife turns out to be after him too.

Injured, Jack retreats with Liv to his house under armed guard. But with Liv’s mysteries rapidly coming unraveled, a diamond-thief killer to stop and passion in the air, the safe house is anything but safe for their hearts!

warning, mild language, mild violence.


Here is a sneak peek at To Take Up the Sword book two in the series. More of a loosely tied novella, Sword ties up the loose ends in Earth Enchanted and changes the venue to continue with the rest of the series. It will be released in September of this year.


Missing diamonds and a killer on the loose…will a schoolteacher and FBI agent escape with their lives and hearts intact?

After the acquittal of Gueraldi’s right hand and favored killer for hire, Ashton Smythe, Special Agent Gabriel Spiller takes time away from his work with the FBI. Having failed in his mission to avenge his lost would be lover, Serena Roarke, Gabe returns to Alabama in search of the missing diamonds needed to reopen the investigation and to lay low from the death threats he’s received since Smythe went free.
Almost two years after her sister’s death, Leannan O’Neal feels the loss of Serena more now than ever. A secret meeting between them before she died left Lea with an ugly figurine and nothing but questions. Hang-up calls at work and a trashed house reminds her of the card Serena gave her. "If you find yourself in trouble, go to him and only him" were the last words her sister spoke to her.
With Smthye out for revenge and hot on her heels, Lea goes on the run in search of Serena’s ‘Angel’, but how long can Gabe keep her alive, and is the cost worth more than her life?
Content warning; sensual love scenes, graphic violence, adult language.


Book three Wait for the Wind will pick up the magical threads of the series and move the setting to coastal Ireland. In fact all the remaining books are more paranormal romance than suspense. It’s scheduled for release in January with Sea’s Sorceress and Fire’s Ice releasing in April and August respectively. 

19. Do you believe in magic?

Of course. You just have to know where to look for it. *winks*

20. With such a busy schedule, what do you do for fun?

Fun. Hmm. Play video games with my kids. If its not too hot, we’ll go to the park. Here lately the heat index has been well above a hundred degrees. Summer in the South, gotta love it or get a really good air conditioner. lol

21. What are you working on now?

I’m about to finish up Wait for the Wind: Elemental Magic Book 3 then I’ll start book four.Here’s a sneak peak of what I’m working on when my Elemental Magic books grant me the time.

Cullen’s Luck 

What if you’re father died and the world forgot to tell you?  When Bridget Hammond, talent scout and agent, receives a strange call late in the evening as she is preparing to leave the office, she has no idea her world is about to be turned upside down.  Her father is dead, two weeks ago, from a massive heart attack. Now she’s inherited Hammond Manor and all that comes with it.

Cullen McGavin was once a greedy business man on holiday in Ireland out to find a leprechaun’s gold, but when he fails to answer his riddle, the tiny man transforms Cullen.  His only chance of escape is to find his true love, and convince her he’s her heart’s desire.

Circle of Seven  (Vampires-Magic, Stand alone novel)

Church of Stone (This one is in the bare beginning stage so no details yet.)

Cassidy’s Fate (Legend of the Cassidy Emerald Book 1)

Cassidy’ Emerald (Legend of the Cassidy Emerald Book 2)

Cassidy’s Love (Legend of the Cassidy Emerald Book 3)

Series info- When professor and archaeologists Nicholas Cassidy bought a heart shaped emerald in Alexandria, Egypt he never expected the stone would change his life. Legends of a ancient Egyptian princess who fell in love with her guard surround the gem and so does the power of fate. Love is separated by time, but when destiny is involved, nothing is impossible.  (Time travel ghosts, paranormal)

Thanks for having me here today! 



             earthenchanted[1]  2[1]  to take up the sword





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