When do you know it is time to give up?

It is April 19th and I have still only written one page for script frenzy. I am going to admit defeat on this project. I am keeping up with the Writers Digest Poem a Day Challenge, and will post several of my poems tomorrow. Have you ever felt like you spread yourself too thin? With work and raising a family trying to fit in time to write for so many different projects is proving difficult right now. I don’t know how some of you do it. (If you have a secret post it here!) So I am going to focus on getting my novel completed, edited and published. I will be taking you along on my journey to publication, in the sidebar here on Lexi’s Author Alcove.

On a brighter note I have several author interviews in the works that I am sure you are going to enjoy, so stay tuned.



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2 responses to “When do you know it is time to give up?

  1. Hey Lexi –

    You have to know when to hold and when to fold ’em (I sound like Kenny Rogers)! Smaller writing projects that you don’t love can clog up the system, especially if you have work and family going on. I hear you. It’s not giving up, it’s setting aside time to do the things that call to your heart. Have not guilt!

    – Julie

  2. Lexi –

    We all have our paces, our talents, our affinities . . . I applaud you for embarking on so many different projects. This is just a process by which you can realize what you really love to do and in what you have the greatest talent. If you find something you’re truly in love with, you’ll make time for it. I did the same thing with working on fiction pieces, personal essays, and freelance research articles. I enjoyed them all and really wanted to be “good” at making time and doing them, but I found that I was really inspired to do the personal essay gig. You never know what you’ll learn about yourself on this journey.

    No guilt, keep your chin, be true to yourself.

    Write on!


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