Another exciting week at Lexi’s Author Alcove

I am so excited, I have a fabulous interview coming up with author Richard Jensen Jr. the writer of SHADES of LOVE. This native of the U.S. Virgin Islands poems of love with touch your heart and mind. Here is a secret you can tell everyone you know. If you enter coupon code SHOWERS you save 10% when you purchase your copy of his book at

I also have three more interview in the work so stay tuned. If you would like your book featured on Lexi’s Author Alcove please contact me here or via twitter at

Script Frenzy update: I have written one whole page. I will be working on it today since I am off work. So far I am keeping up with the April Poem a Day Challenge. Did you know that that the Academy of American Poets inaugurated April as National Poetry Month in 1996 as a way to celebrate poetry and the wonderful people who write it. Don’t write poetry? Don’t worry you can have a poem sent to you in box each day during the month of April. Sign up  now at

Have a wonderful week,

Lexi Flint


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