Watchful Waiting, by Lexi Flint poem a day challenge day 8. #aprpad

She uses me.

We have a love/hate relationship

I love it when she uses me.

I hate when she leaves.

Too many days I spend alone

Sitting on this window seat

Waiting for her return.

Today we sit together side by side waiting

For what she is waiting,

I do not know.

Something beyond the frost covered window

That I cannot see

I feel its presence

As it approaches

My cackles raise and a low growl rumbles in my throat.

“Shush!” she says soothingly and scratches behind my ears.

The twitch involuntarily

I remain alert, ready to pounce, at the first sign of danger,

or a mouse.

“Come here kitty.” She commands placing me on her warm lap

She strokes my silky black fur

I purr with pleasure

I am putty in her hands.

There is a hard rapping at the door

We start, leaping at once to answer this threat together.

My mistress opens the door and disappears

The door lock clicks softly,

as she closes the door behind her.

I hear her nervous laughter

as it echoes down the hall.

“I don’t care” I say to myself, sauntering across the cold tile floor.

I leap upon my window seat once more,



my mistress disappear within the mist once more.


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