TMI April Poem a day challenge Day #5

Our bodies have grown soft with age

No longer eager to impress one another

Comfortable in our love

And our ever expanding waistlines

I sip Bahama mamas with friends

Gorging myself on the lobster lovers feast

My bloated body I betray

Once again, lying to myself

That off my diet I would not stray.

We make love in the dark

Secretly desiring the buff bodies

On the TV screen

Sexy, tanned, and firmed

Abs ripped,

Yet the light reveal

We have not the will

To  take the pile of dirty clothes

Off of the treadmill.

by Lexi Flint copyright 4/6/2010



Filed under April Poem a day challenge, poetry

3 responses to “TMI April Poem a day challenge Day #5

  1. Nicole H

    You are so right I understand you. But don’t discount comfortable love … It can be forever

    • I like the comfort just not the ever expanding waist line that comes with it. Since my hubby and I have gotten together I have put on 30 comfortable pounds that I am not comfortable with.

  2. Yeah, I don’t like the ever expanding waistline, but I still love you AND your body, REGARDLESS!!! OK, I guess that was TMI for the rest of the world! 😉

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