Day one #APRPAD 2010 by Lexi Flint

they sit side by side in the car

never touching

the scenery whizzes past

hazy from her unshed tears

they travel down the highway

headed into their separate forevers


their song comes on the radio

Quickly he punches the button

changing to an all news station

not wanting to remember

how she felt in his arms

the scent of her hair when they danced

the softness of their first kiss


he presses his foot on the gas

a little harder that he should

the engine protest

"Maybe I should have protested" he thinks


The ink had barely dried

on the marriage license

when they realized

they had made a mistake


Arriving at her destination

He parks, tires screeching

the black marks on the street

will be the only reminder she has

of their brief time together


reaching across his ex-wife

careful not to touch her again

for fear of unleashing emotions

he didn’t know he felt

he opens the passenger door


she looks at him

mouth open

her words remain unspoken

she steps out of the car

into her new independent life

not sure the choice,

this choice is right either


She pivots on her heels

and walks away

leaving the door open

to future possibilities.



Filed under April Poem a day challenge, poetry

2 responses to “Day one #APRPAD 2010 by Lexi Flint

  1. Wonderful story for lonely. touching.

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