Making change…or brother can you spare a by-line?

Making changes on you life is often a very difficult thing to do. I am trying to do several things this year and it’s hard. I am trying to lose weight before my trip to Arizona in May. I am trying to run a successful ecommerce business, and a division of my husbands computer business, but I will tell you about that later. But the most important thing I am trying to do this year is to become a successful published author.

What is a successful author? If you ask any writer anywhere in the world and they will give you many different answers. For some being a success would mean having a multi-book deal with a big publishing house in New York. For others it means self publishing, where one could finally see the fruit of their labors in print. I am examining my writing aspirations closely to figure out what being successful as a writer means to me.

I felt successful after I "won" my first NaNoWriMo last November. But now that winning manuscript is sitting in a pile of papers on my desk. I felt successful after I completed both the April 2009 and the November 2009 poem a day challenges. Yet no one but my husband read my poetry. I feel it is time for me to take the next step. I must seek publication. The task is daunting to me. I have a fear of rejection. I also have a fear of growing old ( but that is another blog.) My greatest fear however is to have died not knowing if I could have succeeded. If my words could have touched just one person then my writing, my life would not be in vain.

For the rest of this year I am going to submit one story, one poem, one novel, one article something each week. I know that I am risking rejection, yet the fear of not knowing if I could succeed is worse. i will not give up until I see my name in print somewhere.

I have put it out there in the universe. As Yule Brenner said in the movie THE TEN COMMANDMENTS "So let it be written, so let it be done!". You are my witnesses and must hold me accountable.

I will post each week where and what I have submitted. Keep me honest people. I cannot succeed on this journey to publication alone, but together we can do it. 

Tell me what are your writing goals for 2010? Please leave a comment.



Lexi Flint



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9 responses to “Making change…or brother can you spare a by-line?

  1. pajamadays

    Good for you! I find that the writing itself comes pretty easily but sending it out is whole other task. I applaud you for making a public commitment. I’ll be curious to see your work in print.

    • I’m counting on you to keep me honest. Here is my insecurity showing by “I’ll be curious to see your work in print.” is it awful already? LOL I think I need another cup of tea. have a wonderful day.

  2. i love this article not only because I know you can be “successful” as a writer but because I think you are ALREADY successful! you are successful because so many people already enjoy and are touched and can relate to your stories & poems. yes they have yet to appear on the NYTimes Bestseller list, but you have a captive audience and adoring fans! keep up the great work,keep Jehovah first & your day in the spotlight will come! love you!

  3. TiaPatrice

    I also have dreams of being a writer. I have notebooks filled with short stories, poems and even song lyrics. This is the only passion I have ever had. The only talent I possess that is always noticed by others, my words. Rest assured today Alexis your words have inspired me to hone my craft and again use my words to express my hurt, pain, regret and joy as I did when I was a child. Today I will write again!

  4. Lexi,
    This is such a timely post! I have been talking to my other writer friends and everyone seems to be doing with old manuscripts what most people do with their houses in spring . . . find, revisit, clean-up, revise, and resubmit!

    I just submitted to Glimmer Train, Cream City Review, Granta, LIT, Red Rock Review, Sycamore Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review. All of these publications take short fiction and poetry, but some also receive short nonfiction and essays. Since I am not at the level to be looking for an agent, these are the most streamlined publications I have found for submission guidelines, etc.

    As for your NaNoWriMo, I am so excited that you have decided to revisit your manuscript and submit! I get the jitters just thinking about possibly submitting a full-length manuscript. I can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

    Good luck and happy writing, my friend. Your blog is always a joy and inspiration to read!


    • Jennifer it sounds like you are making wonderful progress on your road to publication. I look forward to reading your work in the cited publications. I wish you much success! Please keep me updated on your progress.


  5. I have made my first submission into a poetry contest. I won’t know until June 1st how I did. I will keep you posted.

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