Hello world!

Welcome to my premier blog posting. My name is Lexi Flint. I am a wife and mom to six beautiful children ages 3 to 17. I first began writing in a journal as a child which gradually evolved to poetry, short stories, screenplays and now novels. I love reading and writing great fiction. This blog, I hope will be used to introduce the public to other aspiring authors like myself. Sometimes I may dish out some random thoughts regarding health care since I am a nurse and respiratory therapist as well. The main focus, however is writing. I love writing. In fact this blog was going to be called Lexi loves writing, however I wanted to focus on the primary goal of books and the authors who create them. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do. 




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2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. here by way of the link provided at Poetic Asides Group; Writers Digest…blah blah blah

    I would be interested in seeing some of your work. And suggesst you should also contact Khara of Our Lost Jungle, http://ourlostjungle.blogspot.com/
    she is newish to blogging and a fellow poet as well as group member and also and looking for Guest Posters

    I suppose I sound like a commercial or perhaps her agent, but no just a virtural friend sticking my nose in others business :^p

    I’ll be watching. Best of luck

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